[evolution-data-server] Created tag EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_16_1

The unsigned tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_16_1' was created.

Tagger: Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com>
Date: Mon Apr 13 08:39:15 2015 +0200

    Tag 3.16.1 release

Changes since the last tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_16_0':

GNOME Translation Robot (1):
      Updated Galician translation

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

Milan Crha (15):
      Post-release version bump
      EGoaPasswordBased - Avoid runtime warning when checking OAuth2 based accounts
      [CalDAV] Claim error when user name is missing for authentication
      Avoid possible crash in source_parse_dbus_data()
      e_collection_backend_authenticate_children: Fix a memory leak
      source_webdav_update_properties_from_soup_uri: Ignore empty user name
      [CalDAV] Stop re-trying authentication with bearer authenticator
      Bug 692555 - Add "Personal" address book to birthdays calendar by default
      Bug 746346 - [IMAPx] Propagate no-password authentication errors into UI
      Bug 746732 - [IMAPx] Custom command doesn't have connection
      Bug 746828 - [IMAPx] Server-side deleted folders still visible in UI
      Do not use GTask for CamelSession thread jobs
      Avoid use of uninitialized variables
      Bug 747500 - Mail account connection settings change requires restart
      NEWS update for 3.16.1

Rūdolfs Mazurs (1):
      Updated Latvian translation

Sveinn í Felli (1):
      Updated Icelandic translation

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