[gimp/osx-build: 7/46] OSX build: use autogen-template for different configure syntax

commit 4c4720d91a7b704a4490685738ae8d3c1a3047df
Author: Sven Claussner <sclaussner src gnome org>
Date:   Tue May 6 08:37:08 2014 +0200

    OSX build: use autogen-template for different configure syntax
    Gexiv2 and OpenSSL require an extra syntax to set prefix and libdir.
    Use JHBuilds autogen-template parameter to set them properly.

 build/osx/README       |    9 +++++++++
 build/osx/gimp.modules |    8 +++++---
 2 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/build/osx/README b/build/osx/README
index 6fcfde5..c28528b 100644
--- a/build/osx/README
+++ b/build/osx/README
@@ -85,6 +85,15 @@ $ JHB=gimp GIMP_SDK=10.6 jhbuild build gimp-2.8
 For GIMP master enter
 $ JHB=gimp GIMP_SDK=10.6 jhbuild build gimp-master
+6. The build might faijl on openssl with a message like this: 
+cp openssl.pc .../inst/lib/pkgconfig
+chmod 644 .../inst/lib/pkgconfig/openssl.pc
+*** Error during phase install of openssl: Module failed to install into DESTDIR 
u'.../inst/_jhbuild/root-openssl-broken' *** [2/2]
+This error is irrelevant. The OpenSSL install procedure failes erroneously although
+all library parts were installed successfully. Thus you can continue to the next
+module by choosing option 2.
 6. If you would like the GTK Murrine theme, you can install it as well
 # JHB=gimp GIMP_SDK=10.6 jhbuild build murrine-engine
diff --git a/build/osx/gimp.modules b/build/osx/gimp.modules
index dfba4ea..bbb8f86 100755
--- a/build/osx/gimp.modules
+++ b/build/osx/gimp.modules
@@ -647,9 +647,11 @@
   <autotools id="openssl"
-             autogenargs="--prefix=/Users/claytonwalker/gimp/10.9/inst zlib no-krb5 shared 
     <branch module="openssl-1.0.1e.tar.gz"
+             autogen-template="%(srcdir)s/%(autogen-sh)s --prefix=%(prefix)s --install_prefix= -L%(libdir)s 
+             autogenargs="zlib shared darwin64-x86_64-cc"
+             makeinstallargs="install_sw">
       <dep package="zlib"/>
@@ -793,9 +795,9 @@
-<!-- Somehow incorperate this make install PREFIX=/Users/claytonwalker/gimp/10.9/inst -->
   <autotools id="gexiv2"
-    autogen-sh="configure --prefix=$JHBUILD_PREFIX --libdir $JHBUILD_LIBDIR">
+       autogen-sh="configure"
+       autogen-template="%(srcdir)s/%(autogen-sh)s --prefix=%(prefix)s --libdir %(libdir)s %(autogenargs)s">
     <branch repo="git.gnome.org"

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