[gimp] (10 commits) Created branch blend-tool-fun

The branch 'blend-tool-fun' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  0ea4de5... app: Add UI for adjusting the gradient points in GimpBlendT
  f6324e5... app: Remove last_{x,y} from struct _GimpBlendTool
  f403389... app: Relax preconditions on gimp_gradient_get_color_at
  63be6ee... app: Add a gegl op to render gradients
  8e79685... app: Prevent grabbing handles after halting in the blend to
  2b3f8cf... app: Add a basic live preview to GimpBlendTool using GimpIm
  fbd1ee6... app: In GimpBlendTool, sync the operation properties with G
  9619e21... app: Sync opacity and paint-mode properties with blend_tool
  d533e45... app: When constraining angles, don't allow points to get ou
  0dee7db... experiment with handles

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