[gnome-themes-standard] Created tag 3.13.3

The unsigned tag '3.13.3' was created.

Tagger: Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>
Date: Wed Jun 25 20:08:13 2014 +0200


Changes since the last tag '3.13.1':

Bastien Nocera (1):
      Make it easier to replicate the header bar separator look

Cosimo Cecchi (23):
      engine: remove the custom focus ring implementation
      engine: remove unused define
      buttons: adapt to focus-padding removal
      checkbuttons: adapt for removal of focus pad
      treeview: adapt for removal of focus pad
      listbox: adapt for focus padding removal
      flowbox: adapt for focus padding removal
      notebook: adapt for focus padding removal
      expander: adapt fo focus padding removal
      scale: adapt for focus padding removal
      calendar: adapt for focus padding removal
      buttons: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      calendar: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      treeview: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      checkbutton: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      switch: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      notebook: don't set focus-line-width
      expander: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      scale: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      listbox: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      flowbox: adapt for focus-line-width removal
      Make it clearer focus style props are now legacy
      HighContrast: adapt to focus-line-width and focus-padding removal

Debarshi Ray (1):
      gtk3: Provide a background-color for menubars

Erick Pérez Castellanos (1):
      contacts: removed custom code

Florian Müllner (2):
      metacity: Add (fallback) app menu support
      _common: Fix typo

Jakub Steiner (154):
      HC: provide legacy gtk stock icons
      HC: gnome icons are adwaita now
      render from adwaita
      render missing assets.
      use symbolic checkboxes & radios in popovers
      remove border image assets we no longer use.
      selection color neutral checkboxes and radios
      smaller dot for selected radios
      new spinner design
      set spinner size to 32x32
      restructure the theme to use a SASS workflow
      provide custom sass functions for gtk equivalents
      fist test of mixins
      buttons mixin testbed
      use extends for linked buttons/entries
      focus for entries using box-shadow (extended)
      subtle gradients for entries. tango selection color
      comboboxes. slightly less obnoxious pushed state for buttons
      base headerbar style
      not sure if we need mixins for the linear gradients
      use mixins to get generic button drawing
      button sizing
      contain stylesheets in the gresource
      add destructive action.
      duh, forgot to add the contained SCSS files
      buttons: backdrop:active state colors
      headerbar backdrop is flat
      proper window frames using box shadows
      selection mode headerbar
      make mult-linked buttons work
      spinner + added sass processed files (oops)
      pushed suggested and destructive buttons got overriden by hover
      close button
      initial stab at popovers
      first fixes to dark variant. not sure about the conditionals
      slightly more legible syntax
      minor fixes
      tab transitions, use fewer static colors
      bring back the soft focus for entries
      simplify button drawing
      make sure $borders_color is respected in button     drawing.
      make sure to pass the colored attribute for seuggested/destructive
      get rid of old playground stuff
      let's not define same thing in two places
      initial implementation of spinbuttons
      sane labels ;)
      tweak colors on all button states.
      make dark button less raised
      organize colors the same way in light & dark
      sass nesting style for entry progressbars
      backdrop headerbar should have no shading.
      embrace nesting syntax. bring back vertical spinbuttons
      consistent 2space indentation
      more SASS like indentation
      base view bg
      define colors in one place
      make some ifs more legible
      indentation fix
      one more legibility @if fix
      Treeview headers
      column-headers jumping around
      entry: less brutal focused state
      button: edge highlight tweak
      button: add comment on the highlight
      frames: avoid double frame
      menu: whitespace separators
      make focus-ring visible again.
      generic separators
      menu: make menubar items share the look of tabs
      use mix() when alpha really isn't needed
      remove cruft
      embrace the SASS nesting where possible
      revert mix() for transparent() for separators
      switch: initial implementation
      switch: flatter
      searchbar: initial implemnetation
      switch: gapless design
      FIXME: no edge highlight for switches
      app notification: initial implementation
      scale: initial implementation
      switch, scale: draw no edges at places
      notebook: style close buttons and reorderable tabs
      notebook: add a tab close button comment
      scale: active and fine-tune modes
      scrollbar: mix color better
      scale: update todo
      minor indetation fixes
      dark: make selected borders look more contrasty
      scale: bring back the sub optimal precise mode.
      spinner: use icon
      radio,checkboxes: almost perfect asset based implementation ;)
      progressbar: subtle edge highlight;
      action-bar: initial styling
      level-bar: initial implementation.
      check,radio: popover and menus
      radio,check: FIXME mousedown state
      toolbar, searchbar, actionbar: put these guys together
      :selected state for checkboxes and radios
      :selected check and radio: add png assets
      check radio :selected missing assets added to gresource
      view: selection block color
      headerbar: explicit separator class as in master
      osd button: FIXME - lapo why? ;)
      assets: no more popover assets
      osd: initial osd styles
      radio, check: render new assets
      calendar: basics
      headerbar: separator needs two selectors :(
      notebook: lighten up the header
      notebook: reorderable active tabs should still be blue
      scale: fix dark insensitive backdrop color
      popover buttons: don't lighten up, use $bg_color
      inline-toolbar: sync bg color with notebook header bg
      headerbars: lighter and flatter
      sidebar: basics
      menuitem: insensitive
      infobar: initial implementation
      menu: whitespace separators didn't fly with mclasen
      treeview: checkboxes and radios as symbols
      popover.osd (touch selections): initial implementation
      touch osd: try getting the handlebars defined properly
      sidebar: allow resizing without indicator
      custom functions: better way to define them directly in sass
      export *some* named colors
      named colors: insensitive colors actually didn't have the theme prefix
      submenu indicators: use icon theme
      scale: fine-mode edge highlight for dark variant
      fix strange indentation
      wm: draw the buttons similarly to gtk
      wm: typo
      wm: facepalm
      notebook: tone down backdrop borders
      notebook: hover for reorderable pages
      osd progressbars
      expanders: style hover at mclasen's wish
      GtkPaned: provide a bit visible separator
      named colors: extend name colors exposed
      expander: only prelight arrow
      apps: provide app-specific styles
      named colors: also export borders colors
      no need for engine: adwaita anymore
      selected-mode: style buttons
      selection-mode: shade a little more.
      action-bar: got overriden by .frame {}
      selection-mode: border for backdrop buttons
      selection-mode: use symbolic checkboxes
      remove old cruft
      assets: clean up unused items
      gtk-3.0: drop the theme as gtk provides a default now.
      prepare for 3.13.3 release

Lapo Calamandrei (117):
      fixed notebook header backdrop state
      fixed notebook tab backdrop state
      added borders to hovered pushed buttons
      avoided some repetitions on buttons drawing functions
      remove background from csd close button
      fixed buttons padding
      roughly started notebook
      added text-shadow and icon-shadows to buttons
      some more button refactoring
      softer shadows
      some more work on buttons, commented out curse inducing wildcards
      some more hacking, entry and the like mostly
      fixed $borders_color var
      some more button experimenting
      redone buttons once again, hope this tie will last a little bit longer :-)
      added text emboss effect helper function and some error fixing in the button drawing function
      set nicer text-shadow colors
      simplified button text shadow function, dimmed insensitive active button background
      fixed box-shadow on insensitive buttons, fixed missing text/icon shadow on combos
      dimmed backdrop fg color
      Fixed entry selected text, implemented entry backdrop states.     Sassified comments so they won't 
appear in the generated css.
      Implemented entry progressbar
      drawn the header bar separator with just a gradient to avoid the asset
      fixed linked button specificity problem wrt backdrop state
      Tried to make the text emboss effect opacity a function of the background     lightness.     Set 
backdrop specific colors var to backdrop states.
      Changed button padding to default to 4px 6px and special cased the     GtkColorButton for uniform 
padding.     Redid the spinbutton (vertical still needs fixing).     Axed some button selectors we don't need 
to override for now.
      Removed rounded corners on header-bar on tiled windows.     Avoided using a var for window shadows.
      fixed header bar separator in the dark variation
      removed a leftover from window box-shadow and rationalized code a bit
      removed $theme_shade var
      removed rounded corners on header-bar on maximized windows
      use $borders_edge for widget bottom hilight color
      fixed windows close button transition
      no need anymore to esplicitelly set $colored on button drawind function
      Added $noshadow to button drawing function to not draw the bottom hilight.     Fixed the vertical 
spinbutton superfluous outsets and backdrop insensitive     state.
      add back bottom hilight to vertical switch
      Removed _ prefix from calculated color names.     Fixed window close button transition.     Used a flat 
gradient istead of background color on insensitive entries.
      remove trailing spaces
      Transparent outsets istead of removing for nicer transitions.     Replaced some @ifs with if() syntax.
      rationalization and preparatory work
      entry work       - added entry drawing function       - modified _shadows helper function to deal with 
'none'       - rewrote the entry section to use the new function
      backdrop insensitive combo text color fix
      colored backdrop buttons
      shadow stacking helper function fix       - PROPERLY modified _shadow helper function to deal with 
      still on _shadow helper function...       - working AND readable
      experimental gtkscale
      GtkScale: reminder comment added
      GtkSwitch: increased the size
      titlebar styling
      remove old cruft
      vertical spinbutton       - rewrite w/o the gross .button.button.button hack
      minor sass change       - %first/last-child placeholders renamed to $top/bottom-button
      added a comment
      notebook work       - redid the tab logic to use borders istead of box-shadow as         tab active 
indicator       - based insensitive and backdrop colors on mix in the process       - properly(?) square tab 
close button       - unrelated, tried to make window close button transition less glitchy
      more on tabs       - added the backdrop state to the reorderable tab       - used mix istead of 
transparentize on colors involved which were taken         from buttons hence...       - same for buttons, 
which is saner though
      notebook work considering widget brokenness       - use box-shadow on the header bar to simulate the 
notebook border         which is not always there       - added hover state to reorderable tabs       - style 
.header istead of .header.frame since it's broken, this         fixes backdrop state not working in some 
      more notebook work...
      more notebook work and switch restyle
      initial progress bars styling
      entry progressbar fix       - set transparent bg to the progress component
      entry progressbar fix       - set transparent bg to the progress component in backdrop state too
      progressbar fix       - removed box-shadow from backdrop state
      GtkSwitch fix       - removed box-shadow from the insensitive switch slider
      linked entry       - axe left border of :last-child istead of the right one on :first-child
      linked buttons       - flipped the logic, use border-style istead of border-width to         remove 
borders so it works indipendently with whatever border width         set       - same on the combobox-entry
      rtl fix       - flipped horizontal spinbutton button borders in rtl
      rtl fixes       - flipped linking logic for buttons in rtl       - rewrote the combobox entry section 
using dir(rtl)
      set insensitive bg color to red to spot problems
      insensitive state fix       - use proper $color for insensitive button background
      more insensitive state fixes       - set the correct bg to backdrop insensitive buttons       - remove 
red and use a brighter then bg color gray for insensitive bg
      added .header-bar-separator to the relative section
      added and used around $selected_borders_color;
      initial dialog styling
      level bars completion       - make the two type of levelbars the same height       - entry mixin for 
trough       - implemented backdrop state
      minor fixes
      special cased focused entry for dark variant
      commented stuff here and there
      inline toolbar button fix       - buttons on inline toolbars are always linked
      fix linked buttons on backdrop inline toolbars
      inline toolbar and inset bars in general backdrop state
      set -GtkDialog* globally
      fix dialog buttons linking logic
      added osd button hover state
      make osd buttons always linked
      sidebar work       - killed the bloody paned separator       - reworked sidebar borders logic
      fixed backdrop frame borders color
      assets fixes      - fixed mixed insensitive check asset      - same insensitive background color as the 
theme for bright variation assets
      minor fixes
      initial links styling
      removed GtkMessage dialog titlebar visual separation
      fix check color on selected rows on a treeview on hover
      experimental checks and radios on treeviews/popovers      - 90% transparent icon for unchecked states
      switch shadow fix      - text shadows have no spread
      typo fix
      proper typo fix :)
      dialog buttons backdrop state fix
      GtkCalendar button fix      - remove background from hover and backdrop state      - set color to 
$fg_color on hover
      initial tooltip styling
      GtkLinkButton backdrop hover color fix
      black tooltips
      combobox menu fix       - removed text-shadow
      menu rewrite
      menu borders fix for csd
      menus fixes       - dimmed border color       - added insensitive state to menuitems
      major menu refactoring and misc fixes       - menus rewritten       - rewritten check and radio section 
for menus and treeview,         not finished, code needs refactoring and popovers needs to be properly        
 finished       - selected items backdrop state       - tooltips csd
      fix GtkLinkButton blinking borders on hover in backdrop       - shouldn't be needed, but explicitelly 
setting no borders and background         for backdrop state fixes the weird transition
      check and radios popover rewrite       - code still needs refactoring but works right now       - 
removed text-shadow on popovers
      removed a testing leftover
      pane-separator styling and sidebar border removal
      button shrinking issue workaround
      remove button shrinking workaround      - fixed in the code
      dialog button spacing      - set -GtkDialog-button-spacing: 4 globally and set it to 0 for message 
      first stab at the color chooser      - color editor still to be done
      nicer tab focus ring
      reoderable tab      - rewrite, saner tabs      - saner close button, needs love still
      dark variant check and radio assets refresh

Matthias Clasen (3):
      Trivial typo fix
      Don't build the engine anymore
      Fix make dist

Muhammet Kara (1):
      Updated Turkish translation

Nikita Churaev (5):
      Make the bottom borders of reorderable tabs not look like trapezoids
      Improve the look of ON switch
      There were unused hover states for checkboxes and radios in the assets - use them
      Make GTK+ window shadows more consistent with Mutter shadows
      Make window buttons look like normal buttons

Rico Tzschichholz (1):
      build: fix make dist

William Jon McCann (33):
      Make symbolic icons work with the current rsvg
      Fix infobar backdrop state
      Use Tango color for theme selection color
      Base selection bar colors on base selection color
      Make suggested action buttons relative to selection color
      Fix typo in render script
      Elegant recolorable borders
      Don't use assets for backdrop borders
      Fix level bar troughs
      Remove trough border asset usage
      Don't use border assets for primary toolbars
      Move all border styling into main css file
      Try to fix linked items
      fix spin buttons
      fix scale trough
      Fix selected combobox entry colors
      Fix prelight on combobox button
      Fix switch and scale background and border
      Flatten switch active background style
      fix column header buttons
      Rename switch active trough color
      Remove dark overrides that use border assets
      Merge separate backgrounds file into main css
      Fix window close button
      Use a color variable instead of white for the inset highlights
      Fix infobar backdrop style
      Fix suggested and destructive action button borders
      Base icon view focus border on selected bg color
      Base more colors off the primary selection color
      Update progress bar layout to match GTK+ changes
      Use selection color as basis for progressbar fill color
      Base scale fill color on selection color
      Base link color on selected bg color

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