[gimp] (7 commits) Created branch mypaint-brush

The branch 'mypaint-brush' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  dd51447... app: first draft of GimpMybrushTool, which uses MyPaint bru
  1ae1e0b... app: make a copy of the drawable's buffer in MyPaint native
  0ffe8df... app: use gimp_paint_tool_set_draw_circle() in the MyPaint b
  966ab3c... app: port the MyPaint brush to GimpPaintTool::get_outline()
  11e1728... app: let gimppaintoptions-gui.c know about the MyPaint brus
  3056dda... app: connect the MyPaint brush radius to the tool tip size 
  c5b03c5... app: make the mypaint tool brush outline size follow the se

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