[ostree] Created tag v2014.5

The signed tag 'v2014.5' was created.

Tagger: Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
Date: Mon Jun 9 18:39:26 2014 -0400

    Release 2014.5

Changes since the last tag 'v2014.4':

Colin Walters (37):
      build: Remove --enable-embedded-dependencies
      core: Use posix_fallocate() when writing objects
      libotutil: Fix two bugs in usage of posix_fallocate()
      show: Fix segfault if we can't find an object
      core: Add _STRING variants of GVariant object formats
      otutil: Correctly add ref to bytes when creating GVariant
      libostree: Add _finish() API to async progress
      deltas: Link to liblzma, add internal API to use it
      pull: Stay in mainloop if we're synchronously fetching URI
      pull: Correctly handle error state when fetching optional data
      pull: Add tls-client-cert-{path,key}
      Revert "pull: Add tls-client-cert-{path,key}"
      pull: Add tls-client-cert-{path,key} (if we have new enough libsoup)
      Support /etc/ostree/remotes.d
      build: Add missing DESTDIR
      admin switch: Support switching remotes as well
      admin switch: Allow switching just remote names
      selinux-ensure-labeled: Support no arguments to just traverse deployment root
      packaging: BR libgsystem
      trivial: TODO: Add link for http unprivileged
      trivial: TODO: Add link sizes/progress bar
      deploy: Remove deployment root print
      deploy: Convert remaining g_print() to systemd journal messages
      trivial: commit: Fix docstring typos
      repo: Only load /etc/ostree/remotes.d for system repo
      repo: Don't require a txn for writing
      fetcher: Unref pending result when completing
      Limit metadata to 10 MiB
      Move Makefile.dist-packaging under packaging/
      deploy: Set the immutable bit on the deployment root
      ostree-remount: Check for / being *mounted* read-only, not necessarily writable
      repo: Support fsync=false configuration
      libostree: Make OstreeLibarchiveInputStream explicitly private
      libostree: Make OstreeTlsCertInteraction explicitly private
      libostree: Make OstreeFetcher explicitly private
      libostree: Silently ignore EPERM when setting EXT2_IMMUTABLE_FL
      Release 2014.5

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      os-init: don't create /var/log/journal on deploy

James Antill (1):
      Add --disable-fsync option to both commit and pull (non-local)

Owen W. Taylor (1):
      trivial-httpd: flush after writing the port to stdout

Vadim Rutkovsky (1):
      Honor disable_fsync during checkout also

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