[gimp] (15 commits) Created branch tito

The branch 'tito' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  4ae38e8... Bug 708174 - A text based intent driving tool for GIMP (Tit
  58eadd8... Bug 708174 - Improve the original search dialog patch.
  3910cae... app: action-search-dialog opacity now changed by ctrl-scrol
  cf06c88... Bug 708174 - various fixes on tito.
  959eec4... app: improved algorithm for action search.
  77d9223... app: plug-in-recent-*/repeat/reshow filtered from action se
  820f2f5... Add new action search dialog to POTFILES.in
  32eadad... Fix tests to handle new action search dialog.
  26e8d01... app: change default value of action-history-size to 100.
  9460fec... app: when hiding the action search action list, unselect an
  d29dc38... app: action search does not display its own action, and it 
  c5b7843... app: do not fuzzy-search actions in the history.
  776dd76... app: remove leading/trailing spaces to keyword before actio
  5226c24... app: normalize all texts and make search word-aware.
  2797d00... app: add an opacity button to the search dialog to change w

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