[gthumb] Created tag 3.2.5

The unsigned tag '3.2.5' was created.

Tagger: Paolo Bacchilega <paobac src gnome org>
Date: Tue Nov 26 18:53:12 2013 +0100

    version 3.2.5

Changes since the last tag '3.2.4':

Christian Krause (1):
      Default parameters for image resizing are misleading

Dominique Leuenberger (1):
      help: fix calling help from withing the application.

Paolo Bacchilega (5):
      fixed display of the manual sub-sections
      comments: fixed date synchronization
      Empty Options dialog after Canceling it once
      media viewer: removed hack on the progress bar when using gtk+ 3.10
      updated for version 3.2.5

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