[evolution-data-server] (9 commits) Created branch sqlite-refactor

The branch 'sqlite-refactor' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  93ff0a4... test-client-custom-summary.c: Report specific error from ad
  dc42ff9... ESexp: Check for NULL before freeing a GPtrArray
  ed8459f... Added E_BOOK_INDEX_SORT_KEY to EBookIndexType
  d09ed02... EBookQuery: Added end marker for the EBookQueryTest enum
  6f2f88a... Adding new EBookBackendSqlite (refactor in progress)
  2b1188b... EBookBackendFile: Ported to new EBookBackendSqlite API
  82760af... EDataBookCursorSqlite: Ported to EBookBackendSqlite
  792ab5b... Ported the lower level cursor tests to use EBookBackendSqli
  0185a95... Added case to the book-migration test for basic cursor oper

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