[clutter] Created tag 1.14.6

The signed tag '1.14.6' was created.

Tagger: Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gnome org>
Date: Thu Nov 21 00:00:18 2013 +0000

    Clutter 1.14.6 (release)

Changes since the last tag '1.14.4':

Adel Gadllah (1):
      clutter-offscreen-effect: Allocate the cogl texture directly

Balázs Úr (2):
      Initial Hungarian translation
      Updated Hungarian translation

Bastien Nocera (1):
      actor: Correct setting the offscreen-redirect property

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      text: relayout on cursor visibility change

Craig R. Hughes (2):
      clutter_actor_set_child_above/below_sibling leaking a reference
      Extra ref leak in clutter_actor_set_child_at_index too

Emmanuele Bassi (13):
      Post-release version bump to 1.14.5
      cally: Use a weak pointer to hold the key focus in CallyStage
      actor: Fix has_constraints() and has_actions()
      conform: Add suite for actor's meta objects
      conform: Ensure that we don't leak references
      build: Enable Cogl support with Wayland
      image: Do not premultiply the blend color
      device: Guard against divisions by zero
      docs: Use the correct signal name
      actor: Do not set remove-on-complete on implicit transitions
      paint-nodes: Use the correct wrap mode for TextureNode
      conform: Disable texture-fbo unit
      Release Clutter 1.14.6 (stable)

Florian Müllner (8):
      table-layout: Fix size request when there are no visible rows/cols
      table-layout: Base space calculations on visible children
      text: Consider text direction when computing layout offsets
      table-layout: Fix default values for expand/fill child properties
      box-layout: Fix (legacy) expand/fill properties
      bin-layout: Fix offsets
      box-layout: Fix child offsets
      actor: Minor cleanup

Jasper St. Pierre (2):
      box-layout: Fix floating point truncation when calculating a child's size
      box-layout: Fix RTL layout swapping with non-zero container offsets

Ján Kyselica (1):
      Updated slovak translation

Lionel Landwerlin (7):
      offscreen-effect: limit offscreen fbo size to the stage's size
      conform: add offscreen effects fbo size check
      clutter-text: prevent reset of user set font descriptions on dpi changes
      drag-action: don't mix touch and pointer events
      drag-action: fix warning when setting drag-handle to null
      click-action: disconnect signals and gsources on dispose
      clutter-text: prevent text buffer creation if not needed

Matthias Clasen (1):
      x11: trap errors when calling XIQueryDevice

Samuel Degrande (1):
      deform-effect: Set cull-face mode on the correct pipeline

Sjoerd Simons (1):
      gesture-action: begin gesture as soon as the number of touchpoints is reached

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