[gobject-introspection] Created tag 1.39.0

The unsigned tag '1.39.0' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Wed Nov 20 15:08:57 2013 -0500


Changes since the last tag 'GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_1_38_0':

Carlos Garcia Campos (3):
      giscanner: Make sure that the current path set from linemarks is also a real path
      giscanner: Make sure we use real paths in more places
      giscanner: Handle the case when there's a space between -I cpp flag and the path

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      gimarshallingtests.def: Add symbols for new tests

Colin Walters (3):
      trivial: Post-release version bump
      scanner: Don't barf on anonymous unions
      scanner: Use PATH_MAX, not hardcoded 1024 for realpath()

Dieter Verfaillie (89):
      Update glib annotations from git master
      g-ir-compiler: remove references to --code, remove --no-init options
      build: actually require libffi >= 3.0.0
      README: fix the Tools section a bit
      tests: Update misc/pep8.py to 1.4.6
      tests: make parsed2tree() and expected2tree() methods of TestCommentBlock()
      tests: put create_tests() below TestCommentBlock()
      tests: rename <commentblock> element to <input>
      tests: put <docblock> element inside a <parser> element
      tests: validate GTK-Doc test files
      tests: remove manual validation code
      tests: compare matched groups when testing re's
      tests: fix warning tests message sorting...
      tests: test emitted GTK-Doc parser warning messages
      tests: fix diff output
      tests: move GTK-Doc comment block warning tests
      giscanner: remove dead code
      giscanner: fix typo
      giscanner: improve inline docs
      giscanner: tiny MainTransformer cleanup
      giscanner: fix parameter name check
      giscanner: reindent re documentation
      giscanner: rename "options" to "annotations"
      giscanner: rename "colon" to "delimiter"
      giscanner: rename "comment" to "description"
      giscanner: rename AnnotationParser() to GtkDocCommentBlockParser()
      giscanner: rename the parse() method to parse_comment_blocks()
      giscanner: expand parse_comment_block() parameters
      giscanner: use "\s" instead of "[^\S\n\r]"
      giscanner: always use re.UNICODE mode
      giscanner: define __slots__ on some classes
      giscanner: complete vararg parameter parsing
      giscanner: give pointer to original comment block...
      giscanner: remove Position.offset()
      giscanner: give message.ERROR a purpose
      giscanner: only warn about missing delimiter when necessary
      giscanner: restore support for 'Return:' and 'Returns value:' tags
      giscanner: rename DocBlock to GtkDocCommentBlock
      giscanner: rename DocTag to GtkDocTag
      giscanner: rename DocAnnotations to GtkDocAnnotations
      giscanner: fix GTK-Doc identifier parsing
      giscanner: fix GTK-Doc section parsing
      giscanner: bring some order into our constants
      giscanner: remove unused backrefs
      giscanner: remove unused GtkDocCommentBlock.value
      giscanner: use Position and warn directly
      giscanner: extract tag values
      giscanner: flesh out annotation parsing and storage
      giscanner: deprecate GObject-Introspection GTK-Doc tags
      giscanner: give parameters their own storage class
      giscanner: refactor annotation validation
      giscanner: merge _parse_comment_block() into parse_comment_block()
      giscanner: accept different forms of line breaks
      giscanner: store code before and after comment block
      giscanner: fix description field storage in .gir files
      giscanner: store indentation before the '*' of each line
      giscanner: better lineno handling
      giscanner: improve state tracking
      giscanner: honor line and paragraph breaks in description fields
      giscanner: use proper terminology
      giscanner: make some warnings errors
      giscanner: add missing tests
      giscanner: refactor GTK-Doc comment block serialization
      giscanner: don't generate synthetic names for '...' parameter
      giscanner: Fix GtkDocBlock.position...
      giscanner: return namedtuples where appropriate
      giscanner: make Annotated.attributes an OrderedDict
      tests: sync with GTK-Doc test suite @ 1846fc7e904f6f56b74c366d205d6bb946eac17e
      docs: Update Makefile.am
      docs: document some annotationparser.py hacking hints
      Add giscanner package documentation
      giscanner: write virtual method instance parameter docs to .gir file
      giscanner: complain about text before the ' * '
      giscanner: fix c0e748e1cdf8cf0803266f94c3c5ad154df504a8
      giscanner: write '<varargs/>' instead of '<varargs></varargs>'
      giscanner: remove unneeded isinstance check
      giscanner: remove Python xml attribute formatter
      build: remove m4/as-compiler-flag.m4
      tests: prevent warnings with some make implementations
      build: use AC_LINK_IFELSE instead of AC_TRY_LINK
      build: prevent warnings during dist/distcheck
      tests: interesting annotationparser test case
      girepository: remove glib-compat
      docs: fix up reference docs a bit
      Revert "sourcescanner: Do some fast path checks on the filename"
      Revert "sourcescanner: Avoid scanning files when doing a macro scan"
      giscanner: restore linemark filename unescaping
      giscanner: speed up SourceScanner().parse_files()
      giscanner: remove g_realpath

Giovanni Campagna (4):
      scannerlexer: don't reject __volatile__ tokens
      Revert "scannerlexer: don't reject __volatile__ tokens"
      scannerlexer: don't reject __volatile__ tokens
      GIVFuncInfo: allow retrieving the address of an interface vfunc

Jasper St. Pierre (4):
      sourcescanner: Avoid scanning files when doing a macro scan
      sourcescanner: Do some fast path checks on the filename
      Update glib annotations from git master
      Update glib annotations from git master

Philip Withnall (1):
      girnode: Fix a NULL pointer deference if a namespace can’t be found

Rico Tzschichholz (2):
      Update glib annotations from git master
      Update glib annotations from git master

Simon Feltman (4):
      gimarshalingtests: Add tests for multiple utf8 args with allow-none
      gimarshalingtests: Add tests for mixed allow-none and implicit args
      Use case insensitive compare for signal "when" attribute
      tests: Fix memory leaks in transfer full/container inout tests

Stef Walter (5):
      giscanner: Respect __GI_SCANNER__ when scanning for macros
      sourcescanner: Removed unused struct_or_union_or_enum_table field
      giscanner: Correctly consume field annotations on structs
      giscanner: Include field documentation
      giscanner: Test fixups for field annotations and documentation

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