[gtk+] Created tag 3.11.2

The unsigned tag '3.11.2' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon Nov 18 20:57:22 2013 -0500


Changes since the last tag '3.11.0':

Alexander Larsson (19):
      broadway: Remove window translation code
      broadway: Simplify frame handling and make it ARGB32
      broadway: Add gdkbroadwaydisplay.h include
      broadway: Implement gdk_window_begin_move_drag()
      broadway: Always use client side decorations
      Switch from sending png frames to our own encoding
      broadway: Use zlib compression for broadway buffers
      broadway: Extract buffer decoding to separate helper
      broadway: Add buffer decoding colorizing
      broadway: use 'click-to-focus' approach instead of 'focus-follows-mouse'
      broadway: Add raise/lower ops
      broadway: Raise window on first click.
      broadway: Disable all kinds of viewport scrolling and zooming
      broadway: Add initial touch event support
      broadway: Support window resize/drag via touch
      broadway: Fix focus handling with touch events
      broadway: Send focus out events
      broadway: Support ipad on-screen keyboard
      broadway: Improve touch events

Bastien Nocera (1):
      GtkPlacesSidebar: Show unmounted bookmarks

Benjamin Otte (7):
      broadway: Fix gcc warning
      tests: Make testflowbox test not emit warnings
      reftests: Add test for new :link and :visited
      reftests: Fix CSS for tests after :link introduction
      stylecontext: Revert part of previous commit
      reftests: Fix border-image-repeat test
      reftests: Fix rendering issues with border-image reftest

Bruce Cowan (1):
      Updated British English translation

Carlos Garcia Campos (1):
      gtkprintbackendfile: Check the GtkPrintSettings passed to file_printer_get_options is not NULL before 
using it

Carlos Garnacho (3):
      gdk: be more selective resetting scroll events
      x11: Add extra debug spew on XI2 crossing and button events
      gdk: Ignore crossings generated by passive grabs when resetting scroll axes

Chenthill Palanisamy (1):
      Do not reset the waiting_for_printer on status change

Chun-wei Fan (1):
      gdk/win32/gdkevents-win32.c: Fix typo

Cody Russell (1):
      Win32: Honor the geometry when GDK_HINT_MAX_SIZE is set.

Colin Walters (2):
      gtktextattributes: Use an anonymous union instead of arch-testing #ifdef
      gtktextattributes: Only use transparent union for g-ir-scanner

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      GtkPlacesSidebar: don't unref an object we don't own

Daniel Mustieles (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Daniel Sabo (1):
      Add an event_compression setting to GdkWindow

Daniel Svensson (1):
      Use g_return_val_if_fail where return value needed.

David King (2):
      stack: Use g_object_class_install_properties()
      stack: Use g_object_notify_by_pspec()

Dimitris Spingos (3):
      Updated Greek translation
      Updated Greek translation
      Updated Greek translation

Jasper St. Pierre (21):
      gtkdialog: Allow specifying response IDs by nick in <action-widgets>
      wayland: Ensure we keep our internal state when hiding a window with no surface
      wayland: Make the code here a bit clearer
      wayland: Remove a useless else-if
      wayland: Always attach null surfaces on hide
      wayland: Support always-on-top / sticky windows
      Revert "wayland: Support always-on-top / sticky windows"
      broadway-server: Fix signedness issue
      gtkbox: Draw backgrounds and borders
      gtkoverlay: Remove get_preferred_width / get_preferred_height implementation
      stack: Scope some variables so that the code is clearer
      stack: Fix the slide animation if the child has a non-zero allocation position
      frame: Remove a couple strange casts...
      gtksettings: Allow setting the GTK+ theme with an envvar
      reftests: Add missing reftests to the test runner
      Revert "broadway: Fix gcc warning"
      widget-factory: Make the About dialog actually transient
      widget-factory: Update copyright in about dialog
      gtkwidget: Fix up some deprecation warnings
      gtkwindow: Fix cast warning
      wayland: Replace wl_shell_surface with xdg_shell

Jonh Wendell (1):
      toolbar: implement minimum and natural sizes in _get_preferred family

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Fix accelerators

Lars Uebernickel (6):
      GtkEntryCompletion: call setter for "text-column"
      gtk_entry_completion_set_text_column: reuse old renderer
      GtkEntryCompletion: call cell_area()->clear()
      gtk_entry_completion_get_cells: revert returning NULL
      GtkEntryCompletion: fix warning
      GtkMenuTracker: set action namespace correctly

Lionel Landwerlin (1):
      menushell/toolbar/window: implement toggle maximize on double click

Manuel Bachmann (3):
      Broadway : Replaced be32toh() with win32-compatible ntohl()
      Win32 : fixes Bug 679019 (Popup menu misplaced in dual monitor)
      build: correctly require gio-unix with broadway

Marc-André Lureau (1):
      gdk/win32: remove extra allocation for \r removal

Martin Renold (3):
      gdk: Document event compression better
      testgtk: Don't use GDK_POINTER_MOTION_HINT_MASK anymore
      tests: Make testinput example not compress events

Matthias Clasen (44):
      Bump version
      Make treeview cursor handling a bit more robust
      Use a big icon in the stack example
      Add an index for new gdk api
      Fix testtoolbar
      Update copyright year
      Slow down about dialog animation a bit
      Cosmetic cleanups
      GtkFileChooserDefault: Drop some unused struct members
      Properly set drop targets
      Update coding style
      GtkPlacesSidebar: Add local-only
      GtkFileChooser: propagate local-only to sidebar
      Test duplicate shortcuts
      Filter out duplicate application shortcuts
      Silence a compiler warning
      Move a function around
      Make the progress bar speed variable
      Make activity mode progress bars animate better
      Update drawing model docs
      widget-factory: Make the activity mode more complete
      Progress bar: Handle 'no more pulse'
      treeview: fix dragging of columns in mutter
      GtkApplicationWindow: avoid mis-allocation
      GtkSettings: make show-desktop default to FALSE
      Quartz: Set the shows-desktop platform setting
      Win32: Set the shows-desktop platform setting
      GtkAboutDialog: Fix a corner case of link highlighting
      GtkButton: don't propagate double-clicks
      GtkWindow: Make titlebar widget available privately
      GtkHeaderBar: Add a fallback app menu implementation
      GtkApplicationWindow: Avoid double fallback for the app menu
      Test headerbar app menu fallback
      Trivial whitespace fix
      Trivial cleanup
      GtkWindow: better app menu fallback for CSD
      Fix fallback menubar size allocation
      Small doc improvements
      Add another example application
      Add the new exampleapp to the docs
      Use window icons for fallback
      Document GTK_THEME
      GtkBuilder: Make IDs optional

Olivier Brunel (1):
      gtkpixelcache: Fix possibly ignoring queued redraw

Owen W. Taylor (2):
      Fix warning with event compression on a destroyed window
      Handle recursion from motion event handlers

Paolo Borelli (4):
      Fix "make install"
      fixed: draw css background and borders
      grid: draw css background and borders
      eventbox: also draw css borders if specified

Piotr Drąg (4):
      Updated POTFILES.skip
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated POTFILES.skip

Rafael Ferreira (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Rico Tzschichholz (3):
      broadway: Add rawinflate.min.js to EXTRA_DIST
      demo: Make sure to add gtk3-demo.desktop to tarball
      demo: Make sure to add gtk3-widget-factory.desktop to tarball

Ryan Lortie (2):
      Add a GtkSetting for 'shell-shows-desktop'
      GtkPlacesSidebar: use shell-shows-desktop setting

Sebastien Bacher (1):
      Clean incorrect "_" use in the french translation

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) (1):
      Add print to PDF to recent manager

Sébastien Wilmet (1):
      Doc: add missing GtkPrintSettings symbols

Timm Bäder (5):
      css parser: Add :link and :visited
      GtkLabel: Use :visited and :link for link colors
      GtkLinkButton: Use :link and :visited for the label's color
      GtkAboutDialog: Use :link and :visited for link colors
      GtkListBox: Expand the placeholder

William Hua (1):
      Fix missing return and closing brace.

William Jon McCann (9):
      widget-factory: Add a pulsing progress bar
      widget-factory: port to GtkApplication and GtkHeaderBar
      widget-factory: add desktop file for widget factory
      demo: add icon
      demo: Add desktop file
      demo: use the installed named icon
      widget-factory: add icon
      widget-factory: use new icon instead of gtk logo
      widget-factory: polish the layout

Xavier Claessens (1):
      GtkStack: add transition-running property

Yosef Or Boczko (3):
      GtkWidget: Add margin-start and margin-end properties
      Replace all margin-left and margin-right with margin-start and margin-end
      Fix doc build

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