[gedit-code-assistance] Created tag v0.3.0

The unsigned tag 'v0.3.0' was created.

Tagger: Jesse van den Kieboom <jessevdk gmail com>
Date: Thu Nov 14 11:41:37 2013 +0100

    Release version 0.3.0

Changes since the last tag 'v0.2.0':

Jesse van den Kieboom (17):
      Major rewrite to use gnome-code-assistance
      Added missing gca-utils files
      Fix doap file in
      Write temporary files to ~/.cache
      Fix adding gsettings schema validation to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
      Added small fixes for non-recursive make in git.mk
      Rewrite for new dbus interfaces
      Implement dispose
      Version dbus API
      Make cursor a SourceLocation
      Highlight SourceRange inclusive
      Do not SEGV when proxy is updated
      Use gnome-code-assistance language mapping
      Updated doap
      Update bugzilla and website
      Fix distcheck
      Release version 0.3.0

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