[gnome-code-assistance] Created tag v0.3.0

The unsigned tag 'v0.3.0' was created.

Tagger: Jesse van den Kieboom <jessevdk gmail com>
Date: Thu Nov 14 11:10:41 2013 +0100

    Release version 0.3.0

Changes since the last tag 'v0.2.0':

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (4):
      implement css backend
      [backends/c] do not check configure.ac on find_subdir_with_path
      [backends/c]: wrap filtered elements to a list
      [backends/pycommon]: use GLib.Mainloop instead of deprecated one

Jesse van den Kieboom (155):
      Major reorganization of code
      Remove unneeded dependency
      Fix parallel build
      Change license to LGPL
      Remove old backends
      Add initial python backend
      Add conditional support for python backend
      Removed obsolete design file
      Implement org.gnome.CodeAssist.Service.SupportedServices
      [backends/python] Fix service file
      [backends/python] Install service file
      [gedit] Start of dbus backend
      Major rewrite of internals to use remote backends
      Remove unused document services
      Remove offset from diagnostics
      [backends/common] Remove debug statement
      [backends/common] Do not pass fd for now
      [backends/common] Convert unsaved document tuple
      [backends/common] Remove redundant fields
      [clients/gedit] Set foreground color for diagnostics
      Reorganize python backend modules
      [backends/xml] Port xml backend as dbus service
      [backends/common] Added common service
      [backends/common] Cleanup
      [clients/gedit] Fix logging domain
      [clients/gedit] Log backend error
      [backends/xml] Remove appid from dispose
      Add color to configure output
      [backends/common] Terminate backend when last client disconnects
      [clients/gedit] Fix saving unsaved document contents
      [clients/gedit] Debug log unsaved document errors
      [backends/vala] Port of vala backend
      [clients/gedit] Give temporary file same file extension
      [clients/gedit] Bump glib target to 2.36
      Updated AUTHORS and copyright notice
      [backends/vala] Fix range normalization
      [clients/gedit] Return correct warning mark category
      [backends/vala] Clean stamp file
      [backends/go] Added initial go backend
      Remove paths method from dbus API
      [backends/python] No need to store AST for now
      [backends/common] Normalize paths
      [backends/common] dispose on doc
      [backends/xml] Fix copyright
      [clients/gedit] Remove vapis from EXTRA_DIST
      [backends/common] Add constructor for Fixit
      [backends/c] New backend for C/C++/Obj-C
      [backends/common] Add convenient __repr__
      [backends/common] Make source to range around single character
      [clients/gedit] Implement language mapping
      Fix non-root build dir
      [clients/gedit] Use gsettings to store language mapping
      [clients/gedit] Fix warnings on unused dbus classes
      Reorganize structure of python backends
      Test for python dbus and pygobject during configure
      Cleanup configure messages
      [clients/gedit] Do not crash when settings schema is missing
      [clients/gedit] Fix wrong reference to fixits
      [clients/gedit] Fix handling dbus errors
      Revert "implement css backend"
      Added doap file
      [backends/ruby] Added ruby backend
      [backends/c] More advanced Makefile detection
      Added MultiDoc support
      [backends/c] Remove debug statement
      [clients/gedit] Make sure to OR service flags
      [clients/gedit] Fix SemanticValues service name
      [backends/c] Increase i after separate arg include path
      [backends/c] -f and -W flags can only appear in composite form
      [backends/c] Fix off by one slice of string
      [backends/c] Ignore errors without location information
      [backends/go] Advertise go as MultiDoc
      [clients/gedit] Move back to gedit-code-assistance
      [backends/go] Remove remnants of http transport for now
      [backends/pycommon] Fix passing id to service
      [backends/js] Added javascript backend
      [backends/{py,rb}common] Fix Parse signature for cursor type
      [backends/jscommon] Do not use E4X
      [backends/jscommon] Implemented app dispose
      [backends/rbcommon] Clean paths
      [backends/jscommon] Clean paths
      [backends/vala] Clean paths
      [backends/jscommon] Fix disposing app
      [backends/jscommon] Do not use destructuring assignment for now
      [backends/js] Fix parsing actual file contents
      [backends/js] Added support for parsing "let" and "const"
      Use python3 if available
      [backends/c] Fix clang bindings for python3
      [backends/c] Fix makefile integration for python3
      [backends/c] Some more python3 fixes for clang
      [backends/pycommon] Reorganize architecture
      [backends/python] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/xml] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/pycommon] Fix app dispose
      [backend/pycommon] Fix initialization
      [backends/c] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/pycommon] Fix from_tuple
      [backends/c] Fix wrong variable name
      [backends/c] parse_all should return list
      [backends/pycommon] Remove unused ids
      [backends/pycommon] Do not increase range for location
      [backends/rbcommon] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/ruby] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/pycommon] Initialise service
      [backends/c] Open files in binary mode
      [backends/vala] Remove paths
      [backends/vala] Remove supported services
      [backends/vala] Export dummy document
      [backends/vala] Cleanup
      [backends/go] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/go] Work around AST bug
      [backends/jscommon] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/js] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/sh] Fix for new architecture
      [backends/sh] Use bash instead of sh
      [backends/vala] Support multiple versions of libvala-2.x
      Add new README
      Versioned dbus API
      Make cursor a SourceLocation
      [backends/c] Fix statting makefile for changes
      [backends/c] Check if makefile has changed to reparse
      [backends/c] Check also for configure.in and configure
      Check for pygobject runtime, not devel
      [backends/c] Recursively look for possible makefile targets
      [backends/c] python 2 compability
      [backends/c] Makefile integration testing made easier
      [backends/c] Remove extra empty line
      [backends/c] Check flags for multiple possible targets
      [backends/c] Be quiet when running make
      [backends/c] Debug log make exceptions
      [backends/c] Return correct bytes for file in clang
      [backends/pycommon] Allow any rest arguments
      [backends/c] Implement include file project support
      [backends/c] Remove debug statements
      [backends/c] Improved makefile caching and monitoring
      [backends/c] Do not try cache in when determining targets
      [backends/c] Dispose makefile cache
      [backends/go] Run go fmt
      [backends/c] Fix dispose of makefile path
      [backends/c] More makefile heuristics
      [backends/go] Update go.dbus
      [backends/rbcommon] Fix module namespacing
      [backends/css] New css backend
      [backends/css] Report column
      [backends/css] Do not try to fix for ending newline
      Add language mapping setting
      [backends/css] Added support for parsing sass
      MAINTAINERCLEANFILES is already defined
      Fix distcheck
      Add __pycache__ to ignores
      Set version to 0.1.0
      Added bug database to doap
      Release version to 0.3.0

Paolo Borelli (2):
      Bourne shell backend
      Prefer py3 also in the sh backend

Yosef Or Boczko (1):
      [backends/vala] Support libvala-0.24

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