[gtk+] Created tag 3.10.3

The unsigned tag '3.10.3' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon Nov 11 09:59:26 2013 -0500


Changes since the last tag '3.10.2':

Alexander Larsson (1):
      GtkWidget: Fix clipping to large subwindows

Bastien Nocera (2):
      GtkWidget: Avoid lingering clock frame updates
      GtkScrolledWindow: Disconnect from frame clock properly

Carlos Garcia Campos (1):
      gtkprintbackendfile: Check the GtkPrintSettings passed to file_printer_get_options is not NULL before 
using it

Chenthill Palanisamy (1):
      Do not reset the waiting_for_printer on status change

Christian Kirbach (1):
      Updated German translation

Cody Russell (1):
      Win32: Honor the geometry when GDK_HINT_MAX_SIZE is set.

David King (2):
      stack: Use g_object_class_install_properties()
      stack: Use g_object_notify_by_pspec()

Dimitris Spingos (1):
      Updated Greek translation

Jasper St. Pierre (2):
      stackswitcher: Only show a button if the stack child is visible
      gdkwindow-x11: Don't set WM_TAKE_FOCUS if accept_focus is FALSE

Jonh Wendell (1):
      toolbar: implement minimum and natural sizes in _get_preferred family

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Fix accelerators

Marc-André Lureau (1):
      gdk/win32: remove extra allocation for \r removal

Matthias Clasen (5):
      Icon theme: Hardcode fallback through the 'gnome' icon theme
      Respect deprecated menu images setting
      Respect deprecated button images setting
      Make treeview cursor handling a bit more robust

Olivier Brunel (1):
      Fix key "Page_Down" identified as "Next"

Stas Solovey (1):
      Updated Russian translation

Timm Bäder (1):
      GtkListBox: Expand the placeholder

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