[gnome-shell] Created tag 3.9.2

The unsigned tag '3.9.2' was created.

Tagger: Florian Müllner <fmuellner gnome org>
Date: Tue May 28 19:44:26 2013 +0200

    Tag release 3.9.2

Changes since the last tag '3.9.1':

Alban Browaeys (1):
      st-icon: check if gicon is null before unref.

Allan Day (1):
      theme: polish the session chooser

Colin Walters (1):
      Re-lock the screen if we're restarted from a previously crashed shell

Daiki Ueno (3):
      st-im-text: remove undefined st_im_text_set_autoshow_im decl
      st-im-text: add input purpose and hints
      st-entry: add input purpose and hints

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Dušan Kazik (2):
      Updated slovak translation
      Updated slovak translation

Elad Alfassa (1):
      WindowManager: Show switcher popup for switch-to-workspace-n keybindings

Florian Müllner (35):
      modalDialog: Always use a stack for the background
      loginDialog: (Optionally) show logo below user list
      loginDialog: Remove logo in upper left corner
      modalDialog: Replace Shell.Stack with layout manager
      loginDialog: Adjust logoBin to modalDialog changes
      main: Always pass a default stylesheet when constructing the theme
      shell-recorder: Optionally return the filename of the recording
      shell-recorder: Support specifying the recorded area
      shell-recorder: Make drawing the cursor optional
      sessionMode: Add 'allowScreencast' property
      Expose screencast functionality via DBus
      data: Fix typo in Screencast docs
      appDisplay: Implement folder keynav and shortcuts
      volume: Adjust to icon name changes
      PopupMenuManager: Fix child menus
      altTab: Always activate MRU window when activating an app
      network: Fix stupid typo
      windowManager: Enable switch-to-workspace-n keybindings in overview
      overview: Add focusSearch() method and export it over DBus
      recorder: Use workarea to position the recording icon
      appDisplay: Hide frequent view when app monitoring is disabled
      Replace 'enable-app-monitoring' setting
      overviewControls: Move reactive flag to main actor
      screenshot: Check for NULL window in screenshot_window()
      appDisplay: Expand AllView
      appDisplay: Fix cut-off folders in All view
      appDisplay: Also account for folder popup's close buttons
      workspacesView: Adapt to changes in windowManager
      screencast: Fix return value in case of invalid file template
      recorder: Hide cursor while magnifier is active
      screenshot: Hide cursor while magnifier is active
      popupMenu: Allow for an optional border for slider handle
      docs: Include ShellKeyBindingMode in docs
      messageTray: Fix lightbox outside the overview
      Bump version to 3.9.2

Gil Forcada (1):
      [l10n] Minor fix on Catalan translation

Giovanni Campagna (14):
      network: don't use active connections that are in invalid states
      ScreenShield: clear the lock screen early when deactivating
      ScreenShield: mark music notifications as acknowledged immediately
      MessageTray: actually respect other components acking notifications
      Hash: make .size() constant time
      MessageTray: don't list the sources all the time
      MessageTray: fix typo
      Add a way to get backtraces from criticals and warnings
      keyboard: don't raise to the top when showing
      Fix bad rebase
      Overview: don't use the overlay_group
      Overview: use a normal chrome actor to handle events during XDND
      Finish removing the overlay_group concept
      workspace: don't use multiple later calls to propagate actualGeometry calls

Gustavo Padovan (1):
      Bluetooth: Use "Passkey" instead of "PIN"

Jasper St. Pierre (55):
      st-theme-node-drawing: Depend less on the paint state in some helper functions
      st-theme-node-drawing: Move most of the cached paint state to another struct
      st: Move the theme node drawing state to StWidget
      st-theme-node: Move some allocation-independent textures back to the theme node
      Revert "screenshield: Remove box-shadow"
      st-widget: Cache two paint states
      st-theme-node: Add a to_string function for debugging purposes
      st-theme-node: Make sure that two NULL paint states are not equal
      st-bin: Delegate popup-menu signal to child if we have one
      sessionMode: Remove initial-setup mode
      shell-js: Adapt to new gjs interface
      Update libgvc
      lookingGlass: Remove an unused separator between results
      lookingGlass: Remove a useless container
      dnd: Clean up construction
      Remove simple uses of ClutterRectangle
      workspace: Only show the close buttons for windows that can close
      overview: Don't allow exiting the overview if we have a DND drag
      app-system: Kill an unused warning
      app-system: Use g_hash_table_iter_remove
      app-system: Remove last real use of shell_app_get_tree_entry
      Update copy/paste code from upstream
      gtkactionmuxer: Reintroduce the passing of event timestamps
      Add a separate ShellMenu GIR file for introspecting the copy/paste code
      popupMenu: Split the remote menu code into its own module
      remoteMenu: Port to GtkMenuTrackerItem
      remoteMenu: Add support for extended accessibility roles
      remoteMenu: Allow separator items to have labels
      remoteMenu: Split the tracking code out of RemoteMenu
      remoteMenu: Add support for submenu items
      remoteMenu: Add support for the submenu show requests
      remoteMenu: Minor code cleanups
      Fix build on certain systems
      Fix build one more time
      popupMenu: Fix regular submenus
      network: Remove semi-complex primary device finding
      network: Remove an unused getter
      network: Use checkConnection to set up the initial connections
      network: Don't pass this._connections to the VPN section
      network: Use accessPointAdded to add initial access points
      main: Move workspace tracking code to WindowManager
      main: Override the workspace layout in WindowManager
      messageTray: Clean up variable names
      messageTray: Don't hide the tray for urgent notifications
      messageTray: Add a synonym for hasNotifications
      messageTray: Hide notifications when the tray is summoned
      layout: Remove use of skip_paint
      layout: Remove affectsInputRegion
      global: Remove support for the NONREACTIVE input mode
      screenShield: Pop the modal immediately
      layout: Fix indentation
      layout: Properly order startup initialization
      messageTray: Don't destroy a notification from within its destroy handler
      messageTray: Fix a stuck grab related to bubble notifications
      global: Use the new mutter API for focusing the stage window

Kjartan Maraas (2):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Lionel Landwerlin (2):
      dateMenu: do not show "Open Calendar" button with no installed calendar application
      st-shadow: Fix offset shadow offscreen rendering

Marta Milakovic (1):
      osdWindow: Allow popup to grow if necessary

Matej Urbančič (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matthias Clasen (2):
      ctrlAltTab: Use a symbolic icon for desktop windows
      Document --clutter-display in the man page

Rui Matos (7):
      shellEntry: Set the input-purpose property for password entries
      userWidget: Fix leaking instances
      status/keyboard: Synchronize input source switching with key events
      status/keyboard: Switch input source on special modifiers accelerator
      status/keyboard: Allow switching input source in the message tray
      messageTray: Check if the clicked summary item has a right click menu
      status/keyboard: Stop destroying the IBusBus object

Simon McVittie (1):
      Don't put non-Shell windows in Ctrl+Alt+Tab if they wouldn't be visible

Stef Walter (6):
      gdm: Fix regression where domain login hint not shown
      keyring: Fix button disabled when prompting for confirmation
      components: Allow cancelling of dialog between prompts
      modalDialog: Show spinner when working
      polkitAgent: Allow retrying mistyped passwords
      Depend on gcr-base instead of gcr pkg-config file

Tanner Doshier (6):
      calendar, dateMenu: Allow focus on menu items
      dateMenu: Don't override accessible_role inherited from PanelMenu.Button
      theme: Add focus styles for the calendar menu
      calendar: Ensure clicked calendar item retains key focus
      focus-manager: Add navigate_from_event method
      panelMenu: Attempt to navigate menus only if we can't navigate inside the menu

Tomeu Vizoso (1):
      Disable all extensions in reverse order

Victor Ibragimov (3):
      Tajik Updated
      Tajik updated
      Tajik Updated

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