[bijiben] Created tag BIJIBEN_3_9_2

The unsigned tag 'BIJIBEN_3_9_2' was created.

Tagger: Pierre-Yves Luyten <py luyten fr>
Date: Tue May 28 00:24:22 2013 +0200

    Release 3.9.2

Changes since the last tag 'BIJIBEN_3_9_1':

A S Alam (1):
      update Punjabi Translation

Daniel Mustieles (4):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Ekaterina Gerasimova (13):
      UI: Rename "List" to "Numbered List", bug 699347
      help: Update index.page
      UI: Improve dialog titles, bug 699534
      UI: Add tooltips to buttons, bug 699528
      help: Review create (note) page
      help: review search (find) page
      help: Review formatting (editor) page
      help: Review share page
      help: Review collections (tags) page
      help: Review the delete page
      help: Review note colors page
      help: Tidy up help pages
      UI: change tag to collection, bug 699662

Marek Černocký (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Matej Urbančič (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Muhammet Kara (1):
      [l10n] Added Turkish translation

Pierre-Yves Luyten (39):
      SearchToolbar: now owned by window
      emptyResuls: draw an empty state if no note found
      mainToolbar : make share button insensitive if note has no text
      noteBook : note_new : cleanup code
      mainToolbar::searchButton - Set toggle when populating
      biji_get_all_collections_ : use urn as key. title as value
      bijiCollection: have a urn as key
      Collections : start fixing deletion
      noteTagDialog: creating a collection pushes to note book
      controller: Handle adding collections
      bjbController: keep connected.
      mainToolbar: fix regression for selection mode
      searchToolbar: use GdTaggedEntry
      Controller: take care to display notes after collection
      selectionToolbar: be more consistent
      icon-amended: use a generic flag for items icon changed
      collections: very rough implementation of icons
      noteObj: get icons when requested
      collections: do not use borders for collected items icons
      Collections: update icons when items change
      item: use const attribute for uuid and title
      windowBase: set modal to fix dialogs
      mTime: back to gint64
      tracker : do not use fts, rather fn:contains
      tracker: clean up obsolete workaround with urn
      Collections: fix icon refresh
      collections: also refresh icons when notes are removed
      eggListBox : import as a git submodule
      importDialog: start playing with, bug 698326
      importDialog: remove warnings
      tracker: some cleanup for async functions
      Do not display all items at startup. Offer to display more.
      mainToolbar: also appear if no note if found
      controller: if no item is found, still add the note
      cleanup: bjb_window_base construction in constructed
      SelectionToolbar: dont allow to organize collections
      selectionToolbar - mainView : cleanup
      shellProvider: give the right icon before fallback
      Release 3.9.2

Rafael Ferreira (2):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Yaron Shahrabani (2):
      Updated Hebrew translation.
      Added Hebrew to the list of languages

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Updated Russian translation

Мирослав Николић (1):
      Updated Serbian translation

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