[rhythmbox] man: Remove --quit option

commit 3ab75e6d1c5a1d12bfdf47227fb6bbfa26e23af8
Author: Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
Date:   Thu May 9 16:03:24 2013 +0200

    man: Remove --quit option
    It's not in Rhythmbox anymore.

 data/rhythmbox.1 |    3 ---
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/data/rhythmbox.1 b/data/rhythmbox.1
index 2ce5b11..f5cd041 100644
--- a/data/rhythmbox.1
+++ b/data/rhythmbox.1
@@ -54,9 +54,6 @@ Path for database file to use
 .BI "\-\-playlists-file="file
 Path for playlists file to use
-.B \-q, \-\-quit
-Quit rhythmbox
 .BI "\-\-display="DISPLAY
 X display to use

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