[gnome-terminal] Created tag 3.8.2

The unsigned tag '3.8.2' was created.

Tagger: Christian Persch <chpe gnome org>
Date: Mon May 13 20:16:40 2013 +0200

    Version 3.8.2

Changes since the last tag '3.8.1':

A S Alam (1):
      update Punjabi Translation

Alexandre Franke (1):
      Update French translation

Ask H. Larsen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

Christian Persch (6):
      Post release version bump
      Revert "Added ca"
      client: Validate UUID string     (cherry picked from commit f7bb10accc1580a931142050eea279bc18ce8ec8)
      client: legacy: Accept name or UUID for --{window,tab}-with-profile     (cherry picked from commit 
      server: Set the prgname early
      Version 3.8.2

Dmitriy S. Seregin (1):
      Updated Russian translation

Gil Forcada (1):
      Added ca

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Update Arabic translation

Rajesh Ranjan (1):
      hindi update

Shantha kumar (1):
      Tamil Translation Updated

Sweta Kothari (1):
      Updated gujarati file

Ville-Pekka Vainio (1):
      Finnish translation update by Jiri Grönroos

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