[gnome-chess] Created tag GNOME_CHESS_3_8_2

The signed tag 'GNOME_CHESS_3_8_2' was created.

Tagger: Michael Catanzaro <mike catanzaro gmail com>
Date: Sun May 12 22:05:51 2013 -0500

    GNOME Chess 3.8.2

Changes since the last tag 'GNOME_CHESS_3_8_1':

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Updated Indonesian translation

Michael Catanzaro (13):
      Fix loading games where the human was last to move
      Translate "Chess" on the About page
      3D view: show board numbering only when enabled
      Fix initial sensitivity of certain preferences
      Make the computer's pieces uncontrollable
      Fix Stockfish engine integration
      Game doesn't need saved after undo to the start
      Save should be insensitive after loading a game
      Always specify engine in saved game
      Increase default width to 700
      Stop the engine immediately after game ends
      Disallow resigning for your opponent     (cherry picked from commit 
      Prepare 3.8.2

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