[epiphany] Updating help:New topic bookmark-add

commit ee4c83ba5d92e737daca696b31812bf9b5e1ed77
Author: Aruna Sankaranarayanan <arunasank src gnome org>
Date:   Fri May 3 19:27:04 2013 +0530

    Updating help:New topic bookmark-add
    Topic explains how to add a bookmark to Epiphany.

 help/C/bookmark-add.page |   48 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 1 files changed, 40 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
diff --git a/help/C/bookmark-add.page b/help/C/bookmark-add.page
index 5d9193b..2064566 100644
--- a/help/C/bookmark-add.page
+++ b/help/C/bookmark-add.page
@@ -6,12 +6,12 @@
     <link type="guide" xref="index#start"/>
     <link type="guide" xref="bookmark"/>
-    <revision pkgversion="3.9" version="0.1" date="2013-04-12" status="stub"/>
+    <revision pkgversion="3.9" version="0.1" date="2013-05-03" status="draft"/>
     <credit type="author copyright">
-      <name></name>
+      <name>Aruna Sankaranarayanan</name>
       <email its:translate="no"></email>
-      <years></years>
+      <years>2013</years>
     <credit type="copyright editor">
@@ -26,17 +26,49 @@
   <title>Bookmark a page</title>
-  <p></p>
+  <p>Use bookmarks to make a note of websites you want to visit again, on
+  <app>Epiphany</app>. Unlike other web browsers, <app>Epiphany</app> does not
+  have a folder based structure to store a bookmark, instead you can classify
+  your bookmark under multiple topics and access it through any of them.</p>
+    <title>To add a bookmark:</title>
-      <p></p>
+      <p>Go to the desired web page.</p>
-      <p></p>
+      <p>Select
+      <guiseq><gui style="menu"><link xref="super-menu">Super menu</link></gui>
+      <gui style="menuitem">Bookmarks</gui>
+      <gui style="menuitem">Add Bookmark…</gui></guiseq>.
+      Alternatively, you can also press
+      <keyseq><key>Ctrl</key><key>D</key></keyseq> to add a bookmark.</p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <p>Type a title for your bookmark in the <gui>Title</gui> text
+      box, so that you can identify it easily in the future.</p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <p>Check any topics that your bookmark may be classified under in the
+      list of topics. If the topic of your choice does not exist, type in the
+      name of the topic in the <gui>Topic</gui> text box, and select
+      <gui style="group">Create Topic <input>"Topic name"</input></gui> from
+      the list. You can also use the <gui>Topic</gui> text box to
+      search for existing topics if your current list of topics is very
+      long.</p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <p>Click <gui style="button">Add</gui> to add your bookmark, or
+      <gui style="button">Cancel</gui> if you do not want to add the
+      bookmark.</p>
+      <note style="info">
+        <p>The <gui style="button">Similar</gui> button shows you the number
+       of existing bookmarks for the website you are trying to bookmark. If
+       there is at least one existing bookmark, you can click the <gui
+       style="button">Similar</gui> button and select one of the bookmarks in
+       the list to view its properties.</p>
+      </note>
-  <p></p>

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