[evolution-rss] Created tag EVOLUTION-RSS_0_3_93

The unsigned tag 'EVOLUTION-RSS_0_3_93' was created.

Tagger: Lucian Langa <lucilanga gnome org>
Date: Sun Jan 20 23:18:44 2013 +0100

    tagged for 0.3.93 release

Changes since the last tag 'EVOLUTION-RSS_0_3_92':

Akom Chotiphantawanon (1):
      Updated Thai translation

AntÃnio Lima (1):
      Updated Portuguese translation

Daniel Mustieles (4):
      Fixed typo in string. Fixes bug #686142
      Fixed typos in strings. Fixes bug #684120
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Fran DiÃguez (1):
      Updated Galician translations

Lucian Langa (7):
      fix gpl address
      post release version bump
      reduce the number of reads when looking up main folder
      fix alternate feeds migration script
      adapt to latest evolution changes
      adapt to e-util changes
      adapt to e-utils changes

Marek Äernockà (4):
      Updated Czech translation
      Removed unsuitble flag "translatable"
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

MariÃn Äavojskà (1):
      Added Slovak translation

Martin Srebotnjak (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matej UrbanÄiÄ (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation

Piotr DrÄg (3):
      Fix more typos in schemas
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation

      Added Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation

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