[msitools] Created tag v0.91

The signed tag 'v0.91' was created.

Tagger: Marc-Andrà Lureau <marcandre lureau gmail com>
Date: Fri Jan 25 20:17:28 2013 +0100

    Release v0.91


Marc-Andre Lureau (1):
      Create README

Marc-Andrà Lureau (207):
      build: fix compilation with current bison
      build: fix msi_free() returns void
      msiinfo: return 0 on cmd success
      remove unused function
      build: make it silent if possible
      Prefer glib macros over custom one (requires glib 2.18)
      Prefer glib macros over custom one
      Split libmsi.h to be more gobject-like
      Rename libmsi_record_create() to libmsi_record_new()
      database: avoid free of uninitialzed variables
      convert to GObject
      add GObject introspection support
      libmsi-types: s/MSI_NULL_INTEGER/LIBMSI_NULL_INT
      Remove unnecessary hard-coded enum values
      Introduce GError types
      Remove unused libmsi_record_get_field_size()
      Move debug.h to libmsi directory
      build-sys: allow make clean to run out of tree
      build-sys: move internal headers to _SOURCES
      libmsi-record: rename clear_data->clear get_integer->get_int
      testrecord: use glib mkstemp
      Beautify a little bit the code
      Make libmsi_record_get_string() return allocated
      testdatabase: clean up some criticals
      record: reset pointers in libmsi_free_field
      record: iField -> field
      Initial commit
      Add WixIcon
      Add braces around UUID in tables
      Add missing util.vala
      WixIcon: use Id too
      Use add() consistently for table records
      Add WixProperty
      Use base WixElement.load() method
      Split áixl.vala in various files
      Fix static class string name
      Dump in XML like
      Populate Media table
      Populate Directory table
      Populate Component table
      Populate Feature table
      Populate FeatureComponents table
      Populate RemoveFile table
      Populate Registry table
      Sequence actions in Builder
      Component: set KeyPath
      Component: set REGISTRY_KEY_PATH attribute
      Populate File table, create cabinet for media "1"
      Move child loading code to WixElement
      Populate Shortcut table
      Fix some wrong values
      Make MsiTable name class member
      Factor MsiTable.create() code
      Add command line options
      Remove building list of elements in visitor
      Lookup files from various Builder.path
      test: add autotest infrastructure
      build-sys: fix make check
      Add ÅampleFirst test
      Add LICENSE
      Fix invalid child_type hashtable kind...
      Learn to build from fragments: wixl out.msi Foo.wxs Bar.wxs
      Feature: fix db values with SampleFragment test
      tests: add SampleFragment test
      Allow multiple root elements in wxs
      Start simple preprocessor, supports variables substitution
      Add preprocessor variables test
      Correct --help
      wixl: add -D argument to define variables from command line
      tests: add -D tests
      wix: add more Wix elements
      Preprocess CDATA and text
      wix: save node text, use WixNode/WixText/WixElement
      wix: to_string() skip not set attributes
      Fix default for some Product fields
      Generate UUID for Product Id="*"
      Take first component child as key element
      Use default File.DiskId "1" if missing
      msi: populate Upgrade table
      Set SecureCustomProperties property
      Populate LaunchCondition table
      Use a base class for sequence action
      Factor MsiTableSequence code
      Lookup element by compatible type
      Topological sort of sequence actions
      summary-info: fix random hour in filetime parsing
      Add msitools bash completion
      msiinfo: do not crash if 'export' is not given arguments
      Add ARP example test
      query: name arguments
      summary-info: GObject-like API
      record: make API more GObject like
      record: add API documentation
      msiinfo: add main() catch-all GError handler
      msibuild: add main() catch-all GError handler
      query: return TRUE on success, add GError
      query: make libmsi_query_fetch() return object directly and GError
      query: make libmsi_query_execute() return bool directly and GError
      query: make libmsi_query_get_error () GObject-like
      query: make get_column_info() GObject-like
      Add libmsi_summary_info_get_property_type()
      database: Remove unused argument to libmsi_database_apply_transform()
      database: remove libmsi_database_open()
      Remove libmsi_database_open_query()
      database: Make get_primary_keys() GObject-like
      database: make apply_transform() GObject-like
      database: make export() GObject-like
      database: make import() GObject-like
      database: make merge() GObject-like
      database: remove libmsi_database_get_summary_info()
      database: make commit() GObject-like
      summary-info: replace get_property_count() by get_properties()
      database: make is_table_persistent() return a boolean
      database: rename get_state() to is_readonly()
      database: remove folder argument from import()
      Add documentation and annotations
      gir: fix annotations warnings
      Add more public functions precondition checks
      TODO: 2 TODOs done
      record: add set_stream() and get_stream() using GIO
      database: extract streams during table export
      database: import stream from table name
      database: export special _SummaryInformation table
      msiinfo: list special tables
      msibuild: fix loading the _SummaryInformation table
      build-sys: generate VAPI if vapigen is available
      Remove LibmsiResult from public API
      build-sys: add libmsi-1.0.pc
      libmsi: allow creation of SummaryInfo without database
      libmsi: add libmsi_summary_info_save()
      Fix a few warnings
      build-sys: fix wixl path
      wixl: add MSIDefault.actions table with default values
      wixl: use MSIDefault.actions in builder sequence_actions()
      wixl: add WixLaunchConditions
      wixl: simplify default actions insertion
      wixl: use default actions values whenever referenced
      wixl: some clean-up
      wixl: add missing actions and sequences
      wixl: move get_attribute_content() to wix.vala
      wixl: make methods in util.vala public
      tools: add wixl-heat
      wixl: resolve DirectoryRef directory parents
      wixl: generate UUID for component Guid=*
      wixl: handle ComponentGroup and ComponentGroupRef
      wixl: lookup source files using Source attributes if provided
      tests: add some wixl-heat tests
      wixl: wip
      wixl: error out if can't resolve element
      wixl: add preprocessor warning and error
      wixl: preprocessor learn include
      build-sys: rebuild testsuite if wixl.at is changed
      wixl: print preprocessor location on warning/error
      tests: test preprocessor include
      wixl: add --includedir to add directory to search for included files
      wixl: allow ComponentGroupRef as child of ComponentGroup
      wixl: do not include unnecessary files in MSI
      wixl: add ifdef/endif preprocessor condition
      tests: test wixl ifdef condition
      wixl: implement preprocessor undef
      wixl: add "require" preprocessor support (not available in WiX)
      wixl: files must be ordered the same way in Cab and File table
      wixl: add a bunch of includes to ease packaging
      wixl: include global wix directory by default
      wixl: add a fixme
      wixl: improve shortcut support
      wixl: default output file to inputfile name with .msi extension
      wixl: add support for registry key parent, name and value
      wixl: start ProgId/Extension/Verb support
      wixl: add non-advertised MIME support
      build-sys: fix make distcheck
      Add doap file
      fix doap
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'paolo/master'
      Start a msiextract tool
      wixl: fix application name
      Update doap file with Paolo mail address
      Fix Paolo email address again
      build-sys: fix make check
      Generate GObject enum/flags types
      libmsi: simplify LibmsiDatabase, use flags
      Fix database_new() usage after API change
      msiextract: simplify a little bit now that NO_MORE_ITEMS is gone
      vapi: make Query.execute.rec null by default
      wixl: remove useless execute() argument
      msiextract: can now extract files with gcab >= 0.1.10
      msiextract: print extract name during extraction
      build-sys: g_type_init() is deprecated since 2.36
      build-sys: ship metadata file, fix make distcheck
      build-sys: silence tests/testsuite generation
      build-sys: add missing include/Makefile.am
      wixl: ServiceInstall name is not localizable
      wixl: do not add null/runtime properties
      wixl: take pre-defined Action sequence
      wixl: Action can have children nodes
      wixl: add Action condition
      wixl: default actions can have a condition
      wixl: add RegistrySearch and CustomAction
      wixl: add MSI tables RegLocator, AppSearch, CustomAction
      wixl: name Custom actions correctly
      wixl: populate CustomAction of type EXE_PROPERTY
      wixl: visit RegistrySearch and populate db
      po: rename gettext package name to msitools
      build-sys: install msiextract
      build-sys: install bash completion
      build-sys: use a static libcommon.a to workaround automake

Paolo Bonzini (211):
      initial commit
      adjust source for Automake yacc conventions
      add wingdi.h includes for MinGW compatibility
      make custom.c compile (will die anyway)
      add missing errors
      compilation fixes
      Wine source code uses Unicode
      drop OLE Automation support
      remove most of the run-time processing
      remove XML dependency
      remove ShellLink
      do not set run-time properties
      do not download packages from URLs
      remove MsiGetFileSignatureInformation
      kill registry.c
      kill patch.c
      kill source.c
      kill msi.rc
      remove some now-unused functions
      remove stubs
      kill package.c and more
      remove dependency on Wine wctype runtime
      add missing utf-16 runtime functions
      butcher debugging interfaces
      do not use strcmpiW
      remove unused DLLs
      kill msi.c
      header file diet
      kill override for system winnt.h
      butcher wine/unicode.h
      promote wine includes to main source directory
      stub away a large body of Windows headers
      move headers to include/
      we finally have our own header
      add tests
      small test fixes
      correctly reset NULL pointers in the tests
      get rid of handles
      split multiple declarations on a single line
      get rid of P/LP types
      make MSIOBJECT arguments explicitly pointers
      remove superfluous "struct tagMSIVIEW"
      get rid of WINAPI
      get rid of stupid Win32 integer types
      get rid of the stupid Win32 CHAR type
      get rid of the useless Win32 BOOL type
      ok, things start to be readable
      use libc memory allocation functions
      rewrite validate_codepage
      do not use lstr functions
      use uint64_t instead of FILETIME
      remove string argument from MsiGetSummaryInformation
      make MsiOpenDatabase ASCII only
      make MsiDatabaseImport ASCII only
      make MsiRecordSetStream ASCII-only
      make MsiDatabaseExport accept a file descriptor
      make MsiDatabaseApplyTransform ASCII-only
      reading the string pool should be endian-friendly
      match i/n variables in msi_save_string_table with loading routine
      writing the string pool should be endian-friendly
      wine bug: do not doubly encode the stream name
      decode stream names from UTF-8
      encode stream names from UTF-8
      convert tests to use char APIs only
      make Unicode APIs private
      remove Unicode APIs
      kill msi_lock and msi_unlock
      rename View functions to Query
      another unimplemented function
      use actual types in the API
      allocate views with alloc_msiobject
      test magic number
      abandon camelcase
      introduce LibmsiResult
      do not use VT_* constants for property types
      msiinfo: commit skeleton
      msiinfo: add streams command
      msiinfo: add tables command
      msiinfo: add export command
      msiinfo: add suminfo command
      msibuild: new tool
      eliminate LIBMSI_DB_OPEN_DIRECT
      remove unused function
      point SummaryInfo to database
      do not use _libmsi_query_modify
      remove libmsi_query_modify
      wine bug: implement streams_view_delete_row
      store stream name in db->streams
      do not store storages in LibmsiStorageView
      move management of substorages to LibmsiDatabase
      separate the input and output storages for LibmsiDatabase
      initialize db after creating the struct
      reorganize commit process to prepare for adding streams/storages
      make table stream I/O independent from everything else
      add cache_infile_structure
      move stream creation to database.c
      use write_raw_stream_data to write _SummaryInformation stream
      do _Streams/_Storages enumeration on the internal data structures
      block writes to databases that were open as read-only
      load all table names on startup
      drop cached tables on commit
      special-case db->infile streams
      open infile streams in advance
      delay writing streams to the outfile
      delay reading streams to commit time
      delay writing storages to the outfile
      rewrite outfile completely on commit
      wine bug: big vs. little-endian
      rewrite summaryinfo serialization to not use Windows data structures
      remove Windows types from suminfo.c
      use arrays of chars for GUIDs
      remove unused strings from msipriv.h
      LibmsiViews are not objects
      do not build tests on non-win32
      do not use InterlockedIncrement/Decrement
      temporary changes for 64-bit (un)cleanliness
      look for glib and gsf
      msiinfo: add extract command
      msibuild: support setting the summary information
      testcases fix for gsf
      port to libgsf
      eliminate WCHAR
      eliminate Windows dependencies
      differentiate directory separators
      convert array-strings to literals
      time to add a TODO list...
      wine bug: accessing name in streams_view_set_row even if mask&1 == 0
      port testrecord to non-Windows
      prepare for distribution
      begin porting testdatabase to non-Windows
      bump release :)
      remove unused function
      msiinfo: add export to SQL
      msiinfo: use g_malloc
      msiinfo: fix help for suminfo command
      msibuild: fix bug when -s is at the end of the command line
      msiinfo: export tables as binary data
      add skeleton for autotest testsuite
      convert testsuite to autotest
      msibuild: add testcases
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      update TODO, add HACKING file
      add AUTHORS and README files
      msiinfo: do not print CREATE TABLE for standard tables
      msiinfo: fix printing of INSERT queries with NULL values
      msibuild: fix return code when errors occur
      msibuild: add options to execute arbitrary queries
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf' into HEAD
      move non-query functions to database.c
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf' into HEAD
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      reorder functions to prepare for GObjectization
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      fix invocation of testsuite
      tests: fix after 25192181361b93f684b59d67052d88870b60593f
      testrecord: remove test on invalid number of record fields
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      install all header files
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      rename MSI_PID_* constants
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      add Automake conditional for GIR support
      Merge branch 'pre-gsf'
      pre-gsf branch is retired
      adapt code more to GObject standards
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'wixl/master'
      merge wixl makefile into toplevel
      move .pc file to libmsi/ directory
      fix documentation warning
      move wixl source to tools/wixl/
      tests: define AT_WIXLDATA in terms of AT_MSIDATA
      dist: use autom4te to distribute test files
      build: distribute move-if-change and autogen.sh scripts
      tests: fix wixl-heat test for hash value unstability
      build: put include files in a subdirectory
      build: include version number in wxi directory
      build: fix gettext version
      bump version number
      build: lower gio and libxml2 requirements for wixl
      wixl: do not use g_hash_table_add
      build: libuuid dependency is now mandatory
      build: add dist-xz
      msibuild: add missing include file
      libmsi: guard calls of parent class constructed method
      wixl: add --wxidir option
      update README
      msiinfo: remove gio-unix dependency
      wixl: remove gio-unix dependency
      libmsi: fix out-of-tree build
      wixl: make --verbose a little more verbose
      wixl: rename RemoveFileInstallMode
      wixl: do not use enum_from_string directly, make it generic
      wixl: add ServiceControl, ServiceInstall and their children elements
      wixl: add ServiceControl and ServiceInstall table
      wixl: fill in visitor for service elements
      wixl: introduce WixResolver
      wixl: implement stable UUID generation
      wixl: two-stage visit for components
      wixl: reorganize full_path, add the key element to the stable UUID
      wixl: improve automatic detection of the key path
      bump version number to 0.91

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