[gnome-settings-daemon] Created tag GNOME_SETTINGS_DAEMON_3_7_4

The unsigned tag 'GNOME_SETTINGS_DAEMON_3_7_4' was created.

Tagger: Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
Date: Tue Jan 15 13:30:50 2013 +0100


Changes since the last tag 'GNOME_SETTINGS_DAEMON_3_7_3':

Bastien Nocera (30):
      wacom: Fix compile-time warning
      media-keys: Fix OSD tests to match usage
      media-keys: Remove unneeded code from OSD test
      power: Simplify D-Bus XML
      power: Destroy connection on finalize not stop
      sound: Use glib to get the XDG dirs
      power: Add "Percentage" property for the main battery
      media-keys: Simplify finalize function
      media-keys: Remove home-made eject symbol drawing
      media-keys: Remove home-made speaker rendering from OSD
      media-keys: Add GIcon support to the OSD window
      media-keys: Add test for OSD GIcon support
      media-keys: Also draw the label for custom OSD actions
      media-keys: Indentation fixes
      media-keys: Add battery action OSD
      media-keys: Remove now unused function
      media-keys: Use g_clear_pointer() in OSD
      xrandr: Add reasoning for GnomePnpIds instantiation
      media-keys: translated hard-coded key names
      media-keys: Add support for mic volume in OSD
      media-keys: Fix small memory leak
      media-keys: More indentation fixes
      media-keys: More finalize cleanup
      media-keys: Add mic mute key support
      power: Remove non-working activity simulation on resume
      power: Don't switch on DPMS when suspending
      power: Don't turn DPMS off when closing the lid
      power: Switch off backlight before suspend
      power: Allow overriding the VM detection

Cosimo Cecchi (7):
      media-keys: save screenshots directly
      media-keys: Consolidate code to calculate bounding boxes
      media-keys: Use correct argument to GtkStyle functions
      media-keys: Make the OSD window smaller
      media-keys: Tweak the OSD's volume bar position/size
      media-keys: Update gvc submodule to git master
      media-keys: Show device description on volume OSD

Gheyret Kenji (1):
      Updated Uyghur translation

Martin Pitt (7):
      Add support for plugin tests
      Add tests for the power plugin
      GSDTestCase: Fix failure detection for log output
      power tests: More robust log checking
      power tests: Check idle/suspend inhibition
      power tests: Some factorization
      power tests: More cleanup

Matthias Clasen (11):
      updates: Support notification filtering
      Fix PluginName handling in new macro
      housekeeping: Make purging work
      power: Drop pointless proxy
      power: properly emit org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Power.Screen.Changed
      media-keys: Move volume initialization to an idle too
      power: update idle config when plugging in or out
      power: Don't dim when idle is inhibited
      power: Don't reconfigure idle timeouts when the user goes idle
      power: Aggressive blank timeout when the shield is down
      power: Don't double/quadruple/... timeouts

Olivier Fourdan (7):
      wacom: use long for data in props
      wacom: require librsvg-2.0 2.36.2 or later
      Revert "wacom: Fix compile-time warning"
      wacom: add API to update modes while OSD is active
      wacom: allow switching modes while OSD is active
      wacom: Coding style fix
      wacom: fix misleading comment

Paolo Bonzini (1):
      xrandr: use default-monitors-setup for autoconfigure

Piotr DrÄg (2):
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated POTFILES.in

Richard Hughes (4):
      updates: Fix compile of aa4bb7c4a24c46b0d8c6779df5a6ff952e8fa8bd
      color: Set new metadata so we can make the control center match the new mockups
      color: Set a property on the internal laptop device for gnome-control-center
      Fix dimming for the smart screen power saving feature

Rui Matos (1):
      keyboard: Don't migrate ibus xkb engines

Runa Bhattacharjee (1):
      Updated Bengali India Translation

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