[gtk-osx: 3/3] Replace the vala tarball in modulesets-unstable with vala-bootstrap

commit 490f930756997b6eedfb71051826f6e57d6b2847
Author: John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us>
Date:   Sun Jan 13 14:00:23 2013 -0800

    Replace the vala tarball in modulesets-unstable with vala-bootstrap
    Which ensures that modulesets-unstable is always built with the latest
    stable vala -- and that vala-git will build, not necessarily the case
    if the released tarball gets out of date.

 modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx-random.modules |   17 ++++++-----------
 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)
diff --git a/modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx-random.modules b/modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx-random.modules
index d4bd8de..92d4fad 100644
--- a/modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx-random.modules
+++ b/modulesets-unstable/gtk-osx-random.modules
@@ -73,18 +73,13 @@
       <dep package="libglade"/>
-   <autotools id="vala">
-    <branch repo="ftp.gnome.org" module="vala/0.12/vala-0.12.1.tar.bz2"
-            version="0.12.1"/>
-    <after>
-      <dep package="meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap"/>
-      <dep package="meta-gtk-osx-core"/>
-    </after>
+<!-- Vala-bootstrap is the current stable vala precompiled to C. -->
+  <autotools id="vala" autogen-sh="configure">
+    <branch module="vala-bootstrap"/>
-<!-- Vala requires an installed vala compiler to build from git. Note
-     that the tarball above is the latest release at the time this
-     moduleset was last maintained.-->
+<!-- Vala is written in vala, so you need vala to build it. If you
+     want to work on vala itself or need the bleeding edge for some
+     reason, then you need vala-git. Otherwise, stick with vala. -->
   <autotools id="vala-git">

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