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Date:   Fri Jan 25 01:06:01 2013 +0530

    Help: Added content to pref-profiles.page
    Added vertabim text to pref-profiles.page on how to create, edit
    and delete Terminal profiles.

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   <title>Manage Profiles</title>
+  <p> Profile is a collection of Terminal settings. Any changes you make to Terminal settings will be stored 
in "Default Profile" unless specified a separate profile. Terminal always opens with the profile "Default 
Setting" unless it has been told to do otherwise.</p>
-  <p></p>
+  <p>Create New Profile: Menu: File > New Profile. Or use keyboard sequence of Alt + F, then press P. In the 
Profile Name textbox type a name for your new profile and select base settings from available profiles. This 
means your new profile will be populated /filled with settings from existing profile up on which you can make 
changes. Changes will be stored in your new profile and will not affect settings of existing profiles.</p>
+  <p>Edit profiles : by going to Edit >> Profile Preferences option or Edit >> Profiles , select profile you 
want to edit and click Edit button, which will open the Profile Preferences window for profile you had 
selected to edit.</p>
+  <p>Delete profile: by going to Edit >> Profiles option. Select profile you want to delete and hit Delete 
button. Exit this window using close or X mark button</p>
+  <p>Set default profile: by going to Edit >> Profiles and selecting Profile in the dropdown menu of 
"Profile used when launching a new terminal"</p>
+  <p>Change profile in currently using terminal: Go to Menu:Terminal > Change Profile, select profile you'd 
like. This will change your existing Terminal window to use the profile you have selected.</p>

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