[gtkmm] Created tag 3.7.10

The unsigned tag '3.7.10' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Mon Feb 25 10:29:08 2013 +0100


Changes since the last tag '3.6.0':

Andrew Potter (1):
      PixbufAnimation: Fix refcounting on get_iter().

Hub Figuière (1):
      Gtk::Builder: Add get_objects().

Kjell Ahlstedt (6):
      Bin, Container::remove(): Restore the floating ref of a managed widget.
      ScrolledWindow: Add remove_with_viewport().
      Builder: Add const versions of get_object() and get_widget[_derived]().
      gen_scripts: Get information from gdk-pixbuf.
      Documentation: Fix many warnings from Doxygen.
      Gdk::Rectangle: Add Gdk::join() and Gdk::intersect() nonmember functions.

Murray Cumming (7):
      NEWS: Added 3.4->3.6 changes.
      Documentation: Small correction to TreeModel::set_value_impl().
      Add some TODOs
      Gtk::IconInfo: Do not use deprecated copy/free functions.
      Gtk::ScrolledWindow: Do not use a deprecated function.
      Gtk::Widget: Add get/set_opacity().

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