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       type="topic" style="task"
-    <revision version="0.1" date="2011-06-18" status="stub"/>
-    <!--<link type="guide" xref="..." />-->
+    <revision version="0.1" date="2011-07-12" status="review"/>
+    <link type="guide" xref="index"/>
     <credit type="author copyright">
-      <name>Phil Bull</name>
-      <email>philbull gmail com</email>
+      <name>Kelly Sinnott</name>
+      <email>ksinnott5ht gmail com</email>
@@ -22,12 +22,9 @@
     <p>Be careful here, as there are a number of technical terms (process, CPU/processor, multi-core, system 
resources...) that may be used here, but which will need to be explained for less advanced users.</p>
-  <p>Short introductory text...</p>
+  <p>The role of the <em>CPU</em>, or central processing unit, is to execute the series of instructions 
called a <em>computer program</em>. While a program is being executed, it is known as a <em>process</em>. At 
any given time, your computer will likely be running many processes simultaneously. There are individual 
processes to manage your internet connection, audio settings, passwords, file manager, and so on. Some 
applications are composed of multiple processes known as <em>threads</em>. The CPU must divide its processing 
"attention" between the running processes. The amount of time required by each process is expressed as a 
percentage by the System Monitor.</p>
+ <note><p>Some processors are actually composed of multiple independent processors in one component. These 
are referred to as <em>multi-core</em> processors. Multi-core CPUs allow an increase in overall performance 
otherwise limited by physical constraints on a single core. However, a single process or thread is limited to 
a single core. Because of this, a single demanding, non-threaded process can dominate a core, failing to take 
advantage of the full CPU.</p></note>
-  <steps>
-    <item><p>First step...</p></item>
-    <item><p>Second step...</p></item>
-    <item><p>Third step...</p></item>
-  </steps>
+<p>To view a live graph of CPU usage over time, click the <gui>Resources</gui> tab. The graph labeled "CPU 
History" will show a line for each core. Multiple cores will be color-coded; these colors can be changed by 
clicking the corresponding colored box for each core under the graph.</p>
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     <cite date="2011-06-18" href="mailto:philbull gmail com">Phil Bull</cite>
     <p>Explain why more than one CPU might be shown in the Resources tab. (Multi-core system.) Explain the 
implications of having multiple cores - the computer can do more simultaneously, but individual processes 
won't generally run faster. Don't go into too much technical detail.</p>
+    <cite date="2011-07-12" href="mailto:ksinnott5ht gmail com">Kelly Sinnott</cite>
+       <p>I've included a pretty concise paragraph on this in cpu-check.page; I'm not sure if it should be 
moved here, copied here, or what...probably what.</p>
   <p>Short introductory text...</p>
diff --git a/help/C/index.page b/help/C/index.page
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     <desc>Use the System Monitor to view information on how well your computer is running and whether there 
are any problems.</desc>
-    <link type="topic" id="commandline"/>
 <title>System Monitor</title>
-<section id="noname">
- <title>Some Section</title>
diff --git a/help/C/process-priority-what.page b/help/C/process-priority-what.page
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@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@
     <p>Explain, in brief and simple terms, what nice levels are, why they are
  used, and how process scheduling works (Wikipedia article on nice is good for
     <cite date="2011-06-23" href="mailto:mdhillca gmail com">Mike Hill</cite>
     <p>Needs to be simpler.</p>

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