[ekiga] Created tag EKIGA_4_0_1

The unsigned tag 'EKIGA_4_0_1' was created.

Tagger: Eugen Dedu <Eugen Dedu pu-pm univ-fcomte fr>
Date: Wed Feb 20 22:40:31 2013 +0100

    4.0.1 release

Changes since the last tag 'EKIGA_4_0_0':

Ani Peter (1):
      Updated Malayalam translations

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Damien Sandras (9):
      Fixed "busy" or CFWD on busy occuring when connection is released.
      OPAL: Fixed call waiting support.
      Call Window: Fixed impossibility to hangup active call after a missed call.
      Opal: Moved MessageSummary subscription to Opal::Account.
      Ekiga: Fix bug with non text/plain IM/Messages.
      Ekiga: Got back to a mode where we hide the window on exit.
      Roster: Fixed bug #692370.
      Roster: Handle xa as away.
      Loudmouth: Better fix for some specific icons.

Eugen Dedu (33):
      Increase version to 4.1.0
      Fix version in previous commit
      Fix header inclusion
      Cleanup code
      Remove yet another unused include
      Fix H.323 parsing
      Use a better icon for call history in addressbook
      Show the address, not the unuseful "telephoneNumber" text in contextual menu of addressbook
      Desactivate the recently introduced NullAudio ptlib's device for audio input too
      Use GDK instead of Xlib for toggling stay-on-top property of call window
      Replace call to one-line function with its code
      [windows] Add emoticons used for chat
      [windows] Add missing icon
      [windows] Remove unuseful messages
      Migrate the first port of UDP port ranges from 5060 to 5061
      Fix buttons direction in dialpad for RTL languages
      Allow to enter addresses without host part
      Fix compile warning
      Increase number of chars shown in device names
      Increase number of chars shown in device names (in Preferences too)
      Get rid of some unused #include
      Fix space usage, useful for search/replace
      Remove some unused #include
      [windows] Disable VideoForWindows ptlib plugin
      [windows] Remove VideoForWindows altogether
      Replace a crash with a leak (of the Opal::Call objects)
      [windows] Enable iLBC audio codec, as it is free now
      [windows] Fix freeze on quit
      [windows] Complete my previous commit
      Fix compile error due to partial backporting
      Fix debugging message when registering
      Update NEWS file for 4.0.1
      Bump ptlib and opal dependencies

Florencio Neves (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Julien Puydt (20):
      Added the possibility for the Ekiga::ServiceCore to print the name of the objects which didn't get freed
      Made the gtk+ frontend release the call window
      Remove useless pointers to toplevel windows from the GnomeMeeting class
      Clean common.h a little
      Use glib's g_strcmp0 instead of strcmp
      Use a GRegex instead of PString's replace (hence using the same regex during the whole loop)
      Made sure common.h doesn't include anything anymore
      libnotify plugin: make sure the actions retain references on the call objects
      Use g_usleep instead of PThread()::Current()->Sleep ()
      Use correct unit of time in the g_usleep calls (thanks for the head-up, Eugen!)
      Modified the way the audio event scheduler is managed (all the infrastructure was in place to properly 
manage it!)
      Made sure the video preview manager thread is shut down correctly (and timely!)
      Fixed small typo in a documentation comment
      Simplified Opal::Call's signal handling
      Added comments on some memory management in the opal directory
      Don't propose adding an H.323 account if we don't support the protocol
      Made sure the STUN detector code doesn't crash if we quit-at-startup
      Reversed a test to make STUN work again
      Stop reacting to presence informations in Opal::Account::~Account
      Fixed Opal::Account removal while trying to register

Michael Dorrington (1):
      HACKING: Fix typo error by changing 'o' to 'a'

Rafael Ferreira (2):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese Translation
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal (10):
      gitignore: add win32 subdirectories
      videoouput-manager-dx: extended remote for DirectX too
      h323-endpoint: remove gatekeeperID variable
      h323-endpoint: remove unused code
      h323-endpoint: add the username in authentication
      h323-endpoint: remove unused variable
      h323-endpoint: use the gatekeeper accessor
      h323-endpoint: assign gk_name only if success
      h323-endpoint: unregister the gatekeeper for real
      ekiga.schemas: fix a possible UDP port collision

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