[gnome-shell] loginDialog: fix cancel from "Not Listed?"

commit 7da186d4e968ff4821aee58bdafaaedbed0509fe
Author: Ray Strode <rstrode redhat com>
Date:   Wed Feb 6 17:40:02 2013 -0500

    loginDialog: fix cancel from "Not Listed?"
    Since commit 1ae0fadbf483128e27565baba6e8684bc5defca2 we
    no longer start a PAM conversation as soon as the user clicks
    the "Not Listed?" button.  Instead we defer starting the PAM
    conversation until the user types their username.
    Unfortunately, the cancel button resets the dialog back to the
    user list indrectly by cancelling the current PAM conversation.
    This means if the user hasn't yet entered thier username then
    the cancel button doesn't work.
    This commit performs a direct dialog reset in the case the
    PAM conversation hasn't been started yet.

 js/gdm/loginDialog.js |    5 ++++-
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
diff --git a/js/gdm/loginDialog.js b/js/gdm/loginDialog.js
index 1c09c29..d2b93ba 100644
--- a/js/gdm/loginDialog.js
+++ b/js/gdm/loginDialog.js
@@ -894,7 +894,10 @@ const LoginDialog = new Lang.Class({
     cancel: function() {
-        this._userVerifier.cancel();
+        if (this._verifyingUser)
+            this._userVerifier.cancel();
+        else
+            this._reset();
     _fadeInPrompt: function() {

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