[anjuta] Created tag ANJUTA_3_7_90

The signed tag 'ANJUTA_3_7_90' was created.

Tagger: James Liggett <jrliggett cox net>
Date: Mon Feb 18 16:02:59 2013 -0800

    Tag for 3.7.90 release

Changes since the last tag 'ANJUTA_3_7_3':

Akom Chotiphantawanon (1):
      Updated Thai translation

Alexander Shopov (1):
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Anish A (1):
      Updated Malayalam Localization

Arnel A. Borja (2):
      symbol-db: Fix "parenthesis" typos
      quick-open: Fix typo in distributed files

Aurimas Černius (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

Carl-Anton Ingmarsson (74):
      symbol-db: When updating a symbol try to update the closest one.
      run-program: Default to Yes in "The program is already running" dialog.
      sourceview: keep ref on SourceViewIO during call to input_stream_read_async().
      symbol-db: rename sdb_engine_get_tuple_id_by_unique_name4()...
      sourceview: Don't check if objects are not NULL before calling g_clear_object().
      sourceview: Add marks to an unloaded document the same way we reload marks.
      sourceview: Detect that a ifile_open() is a reload and save marks and position.
      libanjuta: Add "document-[added|removed]" signals to IAnjutaDocumentManager.
      document-manager: Emit "document-[added|removed]" signals.
      debug-manager: use IAnjutaDocumentManager::document-added to add breakpoints to editor.
      debug-manager: Fix two leaks of GFile objects.
      document-manager: sort files in document combo in ascending order.
      libanjuta: Fix IAnjutaFile::opened signal documentation.
      am-project: Fix leak of GMatchInfo in split_automake_variable().
      starter: Fix leak of GtkRecentInfo.
      symbol-db: Fix leaks of two GPtrArrays in do_import_system_sources_after_abort()
      file-loader: Fix leak of GtkRecentInfos in the RecentChooserMenu.
      symbol-db: Fix leak of file_abs_path in symbol_db_engine_update_project_symbols().
      project-manager: Fix leak of the nodes GList in gbf_project_view_update_tree().
      symbol-db: Fix leak of prj_elements_list in do_check_offline_files_changed()
      file-loader: Fix leak of plugin names in sort_wizards()
      debug-manager: Default to Yes in "The program is running" dialog.
      snippets-manager: Fix faulty assertion in snippets_db_dispose().
      libanjuta: Actually free stuff in AnjutaPkgConfigChooser::finalize.
      symbol-db: Add update_flag to the symbol unique constraint.
      file-manager: Fix compile warning.
      git: Fix destruction of GitLogPane.
      sourceview: Fix leak of list of GtkSourceCompletionItem.
      sourceview: connect settings notifications with g_signal_connect_object().
      language-support-js: Fix g_object_unref() of NULL object.
      Add new quick-open plugin.
      file-manager: Use a GFile instead of an URI for the base path property.
      file-manager: Add option for showing the currently edited file in the file manager.
      file-manager: Enable typeahead search.
      file-manager: Fix leak of GtkTreeModelSort.
      file-manager: Add "Show in File manager" action to document popup.
      document-manager: make the search files options span two cells of the top grid
      document-manager: remove usage of unneeded initialized variable in class_init
      symbol-db: fix symbols view label box to be horizontal
      libanjuta: don't use deprecated functions in AnjutaAsyncCommand
      sourceview: use gtk_widget_preferred_size instead of gtk_widget_size_request
      sourceview: use G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT for IO
      anjuta: reduce size of toolbar buttons to GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU
      indentation-c-style: enable the plugin for IDL files
      quick-open: remove duplicate declaration
      document-manager: connect to toplevel SearchBox keypress to handle closing
      quick-open: remove doc from list in quick_open_dialog_remove_document()
      document-manager: emit "document-removed" for open documents in dispose
      language-support-cpp-java: change modeline of plugin.c
      language-support-cpp-java: don't use deprecated g_string_down()
      language-support-cp-java: fix crasher when swapping header/source
      file-manager: don't try to select document which has no file yet
      devhelp: Port to webkitgtk2
      class-gen: fix compile warnings
      project-wizard: move license templates to data/
      class-gen: generate license the same way as project-wizard
      class-gen: output filename instead of project name before copyright
      class-gen: Always generate GObject private structure
      build-basic-autotools: don't let build directory button expand
      jhbuild: Extract libdir from newly added JHBUILD_LIBDIR environment variable.
      jhbuild: Translate error messages.
      sourceview: mark clearing of buffer as a not undoable action
      sourceview: use etag to only emit "changed" when file was externally modified
      symbol-db: fix compile warnings
      libanjuta: Add new AnjutaCompletion object for prefix matching
      libanjuta: Add basic tests for AnjutaCompletion
      parser-cxx: use AnjutaCompletion instead of deprecated GCompletion
      parser-cxx: remove unused ParserCxxAssistContext
      python-assist: use AnjutaCompletion instead of GCompletion
      python-assist: remove unused PythonAssistContext
      python-assist: don't use deprecated functions
      git.mk: update to the latest version
      Include git.mk in Makefiles where it was missing
      message-view: fix compile warnings

Chao-Hsiung Liao (1):
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Daniel Mustieles (11):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Removed markup from UI file
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Dimitris Spingos (1):
      Updated Greek translation

Fran Diéguez (5):
      Updated Galician translations
      Updated Galician translations
      Updated Galician translations
      Updated Galician translations
      Updated Galician translations

Frédéric Péters (1):
      devhelp: update to latest devhelp changes

Gheyret Kenji (5):
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation

James Liggett (3):
      Update files for 3.7.4 release
      git: Always annotate signed tags
      Update files for 3.7.90 release

Johannes Schmid (1):
      sourceview: Fix wrong assignment when saving markers

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Matej Urbančič (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

OKANO Takayoshi (2):
      [l10n] Update Japanese translation
      [l10n] Update Japanese translation

Okano Takayoshi (1):
      git: bgo#691044 - typo in git-cherry-pick menu

Piotr Drąg (5):
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Updated Polish translation

Sébastien Granjoux (25):
      libanjuta: Allow to set indentation and tab size separately
      project-manager: Display current project backend
      project-manager: Allow to change project backend
      faq: Add some information about jumping to an error position
      libanjuta: Fix a few compiler warnings
      libanjuta: Clean up and bug fix in plugin manager
      anjuta: bgo #688609 - Saved dock positions not applied when opening a project
      project-import: Try to fill project name automatically in import project dialog
      project-import: Open a directory with Anjuta
      starter: Fix a warning
      anjuta: Make sure the starter widget is visible on startup
      am-project: Fix a crash when changing target properties
      build-basic-autotools: Fix selection of build directory
      build-basic-autotools: Use a GtkFileChooser dialog instead of a GtkFileChooserButton to select build 
      project-wizard: Remove a critical warning
      project-wizard: Replace deprecated GtkTable by GtkGrid
      project-manager: Replace deprecated GtkTable by GtkGrid
      patch: Replace deprecated GtkTable by GtkGrid
      project-manager: Fix several warnings
      project-manager: Replace deprecated gtk_paint_hline
      project-manager: Remove New Library menu item
      glade: Add a menu item for glade properties dialog
      libanjuta: bgo #693916 - Avoid the name Anjuta in libanjuta messages
      document-manager: Save search box settings
      libanjuta: Fix linking of anjuta-completion-test

Мирослав Николић (3):
      Updated Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation
      Updated Serbian translation

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