[libsoup] Created tag 2.41.90

The unsigned tag '2.41.90' was created.

Tagger: Dan Winship <danw gnome org>
Date: Mon Feb 18 18:25:34 2013 -0500


Changes since the last tag 'LIBSOUP_2_41_5':

Anish A (1):
      Updated Malayalam Localization

Dan Winship (7):
      tests: fix non-php apache tests to still work without php
      SoupSession: fix a bug with the add-feature-by-type property
      SoupAuthNTLM: fix to do a "retrying" authenticate
      Internal renamings for clarity
      SoupSession: remove some dead code, fix proxy error messages
      tests: simplify and improve "make check"

Jonh Wendell (4):
      SoupSocket: Move the creation of socket clients to a single place
      SoupSocket: Use the local socket, when available, even on client side.
      SoupConnection: added a new construction-time property "local-address"
      SoupSession: added a new construction-time property "local-address"

Pavol Klačanský (1):
      Updated slovak translation

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Sergio Villar Senin (6):
      soup-session: handle cancellation of SoupCache resources
      test-utils: add cancellation support to soup_test_request_send
      cache-test: added cancellation tests
      soup-cache-input-stream: fixed a reference cycle
      test-utils: Added SOUP_TEST_REQUEST_CANCEL_IMMEDIATE flag
      cache-test: added a new cancellation test

Мирослав Николић (1):
      Updated Serbian translation

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