[folks] Created tag FOLKS_0_9_0

The unsigned tag 'FOLKS_0_9_0' was created.

Tagger: Travis Reitter <travis reitter collabora co uk>
Date: Sun Feb 17 18:04:41 2013 -0800

    Tag version 0.9.0

Changes since the last tag 'FOLKS_0_8_0':

Alexander Shopov (2):
      Updated Bulgarian translation
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Alexandre Franke (1):
      Update French translation

Ani Peter (1):
      Updated Malayalam translations

Aurimas Äernius (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

BalÃzs Ãr (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Daiki Ueno (1):
      Don't rebuild docs on every "make" run.

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Dimitris Spingos (1):
      Updated Greek translation

DuÅan Kazik (2):
      Added slovak translation
      Updated slovak translation

Fran DiÃguez (1):
      Updated Galician translations

Gheyret Kenji (4):
      Uyghur translation added
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation
      Updated Uyghur translation

Giovanni Campagna (1):
      eds: expose Google system groups in the public API

Guillaume Desmottes (2):
      phone-details: get_normalised: keep the leading '+'
      HACKING: document how to run a single test

Jeremy Whiting (21):
      core: Add method to create IndividualAggregator passing in a BackendStore.
      core: Add disable_persona_store and enable_persona_store API to backend     eds: Implement new API in 
eds backend
      core: Add set_persona_stores method to Backend.     eds: Implement set_persona_stores in eds backend.
      eds: Add test for disabling and enabling persona stores.
      keyfile: Add enable/disable_persona_store to keyfile backend.     keyfile: Add set_persona_stores to 
keyfile backend.
      telepathy: Add enable_persona_store and disable_persona_store to telepathy backend.     telepathy: Add 
empty set_persona_stores to telepathy backend.
      Add new api to NEWS file.
      eds: if set given to set_persona_stores is null, load any missing stores.
      telepathy: Implement set_persona_stores backend method.
      ofono: Added new Ofono backend to read contacts from SIM cards.
      Add Ofono backend to NEWS file.
      eds: Add create_address_book and remove_address_book to Edsf.PersonaStore.     eds: Add 
create-remove-stores unit test.
      Add bugfix and new create|remove_address_book API to NEWS.
      tracker: Add enable|disable_persona_store implementation to tracker backend.     core: Remove trailing 
whitespace in folks/backend.vala
      Add fix of 686506 to NEWS
      Fix build broken by zeitgeist optional bugfix.
      From Patrick Ohly <patrick ohly intel com>
      From Patrick Ohly <patrick ohly intel com>     Like instant messaging handles, email addresses can be 
assumed to be     unique for individuals. Therefore they can be used for linking by     default. This commit 
enables that in the EDS backend.
      eds: Put email_addresses_ro back into Edsf.Persona.     eds: Remove extra whitespace.
      Add bug fix to NEWS file.
      lsw: Add enable|disable_persona_store api to libsocialweb backend.

Krishnababu Krothapalli (2):
      Updated Telugu Translations
      Updated Telugu Translations

ManojKumar Giri (3):
      Updated Odia Translation with FUEL implementation.
      Added Odia language into the list.
      Updated Odia Translation with FUEL implementation.

Matej UrbanÄiÄ (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Make zeitgeist optional again

Nilamdyuti Goswami (1):
      Assamese translation updated

Nuno Araujo (1):
      build: Don't use make functions for defining TESTS

Patrick Ohly (4):
      individual: avoid updating in get
      eds: remove urls
      eds: handle removal of store without removal of personas
      folks.pc: remove telepathy-glib

Philip Withnall (23):
      Post-release version bump
      Bug 685250 â make <test>.gdb deadlocks
      individual-aggregator: Fix a typo in a documentation comment
      eds: Fix some syntax errors in documentation comments
      telepathy: Fix bus watching by multiple Tpf.PersonaStore instances
      telepathy: Remove Logger.prepare() return value
      telepathy: Yield subsequent Logger.prepare() calls if one is pending
      documentation: Document which yielding methods are safe to call concurrently
      individual-aggregator: Fix some debug spew
      telepathy: Call continuations in idle callbacks rather than directly
      build: Add a missing bracket in configure.ac
      Bug 690989 â "warning: copying delegates is discouraged"
      build: Update valgrind.mk to match automake-generated âcheckâ rule
      build: Tidy up test Makefiles a little
      build: Fix cleaning of .stamp files in EDS tests directory
      build: Rewrite valgrind.mk to use GNU Make conditionals
      HACKING: Update documentation for running single tests
      Bug 686695 â support nickname in add_persona_from_details
      individual-aggregator: Add some documentation on linking/unlinking API
      individual-aggregator: Expand documentation on linking/unlinking API
      eds: Fix ambiguous references to HashTable
      tools: Fix ambiguous references to HashTable
      eds: Check property values have changed before committing them to EDS

Piotr DrÄg (2):
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation

Rajesh Ranjan (1):
      hindi translation update

Runa Bhattacharjee (2):
      Added Bengali India Translation
      Added Bengali India to the list of languages

Shantha kumar (2):
      Tamil Translation updated
      Tamil translation updated

Takayuki KUSANO (1):
      [l10n] Update Japanese translation

Travis Reitter (25):
      eds test: Use the same birthday for the test individual and expected value.
      eds test: add test for specific behavior of linkable properties
      eds test: create a new address book for each test to avoid inheriting state
      eds test: ensure changes to linkable properties aggregate Personas together
      eds test: rename _parse_addrs to _parse_im_addrs for specificity.
      eds test: support setting email addresses in test backend
      eds test: remove unnecessarily-strict test for extra Individual add/remove
      eds test: add basic anti-linking test
      eds test: ensure basic anti-link removal works
      eds test: create a new address book for each test to avoid inheriting state
      eds test: don't assume Individuals remain after changing a linkable property
      Bug 690876 â eds: fix various test failures
      Bug 691167 â Build failure: key-file tests built before dependencies
      Bug 691382 â Restore tests disabled by bug #668415 (which has been fixed)
      eds test: Ensure the source is declared enabled
      Port folks to libgee 0.8.
      build fix: Only depend on Gee 0.8.3, since 0.8.4 isn't released yet
      CUT -- disable some broken tests
      Revert "CUT -- disable some broken tests"
      Bump Tracker requirement to the latest series.
      Revert "build fix: Only depend on Gee 0.8.3, since 0.8.4 isn't released yet"
      Alphabetize backend subdirs
      Distribute the ofono backend dir
      Temporarily disable some broken tests for the release.
      Release version 0.9.0

Yaron Shahrabani (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation.

      Updated Serbian translation

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