[evolution-data-server] Created tag EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_7_90

The signed tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_7_90' was created.

Tagger: Matthew Barnes <mbarnes redhat com>
Date: Sun Feb 17 15:43:21 2013 -0500

    Evolution-Data-Server 3.7.90

Changes since the last tag 'EVOLUTION_DATA_SERVER_3_7_5':

Aurimas Äernius (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

Daniel Mustieles (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Fran DiÃguez (2):
      Updated Galician translations
      Updated Galician translations

Giocanni Campagna (1):
      Bug 693841 - EDataCal: Complete implementation of GetObjectsList

Ihar Hrachyshka (1):
      Updated Belarusian translation.

Mathias Hasselmann (12):
      build: Use dedicated compiler warning for C and C++ code
      libebook: Give access to country code and national phone number
      libebook: Export the API for phone region guessing
      libebook: Add missing version tags
      libebook: Improve phone-number docs and messages
      tests: test e_phone_number_get_default_region()
      sqlitedb: Remove unused <langinfo.h> include
      libebook: Preserve predicate-order of sexps
      libebook: Really extract the 2-letter country code
      sqlitedb: Make BOOKSQL_DEBUG reusable
      EBookBackendFile: Restore g_type_ensure() calls
      e-test-server-utils: Destroy dynamic closures

Matthew Barnes (43):
      Post-release version bump.
      Deprecate e-gdbus-templates.[ch].
      EBookClient: Avoid race between dispose() and signal handlers.
      ECalClient: Avoid race between dispose() and signal handlers.
      Add e_data_factory_ref_initable_backend().
      ESourceRevisionGuards cleanups.
      EBookBackendFile: Implement GInitable.
      Silence some runtime warnings from calendar backends.
      Deprecate e_data_server_util_get/set_dbus_call_timeout().
      Remove --with-dbus-call-timeout configure option.
      Add CamelMimeFilterToHTMLFlags type.
      Document CamelMimeFilterToHTMLFlags.
      Revert "Bug #683867 - Schedule actions with higher idle priority"
      ECalClient: Follow up on a timezone-related FIXME comment.
      G_PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE is sufficient to beat GTK+ redraws.
      ECalClient: Set GErrors normally.
      Deprecate e_cal_client_error_create().
      Deprecate e_book_client_error_create().
      ECalClient: Fix build break.
      EBookClient: Use g_bus_watch_name_on_connection().
      EBookClient: Remove set_proxy_gone_error().
      ECalClient: Use g_bus_watch_name_on_connection().
      ECalClient: Remove set_proxy_gone_error().
      Remove e_client_emit_backend_died().
      Remove e_client_emit_backend_error().
      Remove e_client_get_dbus_proxy().
      Remove e_client_emit_backend_property_changed().
      EClient: Remove internal 'ops' hash table.
      Deprecate e_client_cancel_all().
      Add camel_service_ref_session().
      Use camel_service_ref_session().
      Keep e_flag_timed_wait() building.
      EBackend: Avoid breaking libebackend ABI.
      ECalClient: Add a "default-timezone" pointer property.
      e_extensible_load_extensions: Allow for retries.
      ECalObjModType is a flags type, not an enum type.
      e_cal_client_remove_objects_sync: Fix an infinite loop.
      data_cal_handle_remove_objects_cb: Fix GVariant format string.
      NEWS update for 3.7.90 release.
      Fix distcheck error.

Michel DÃnzer (2):
      Bug #683867 - Schedule actions with higher idle priority
      Bug #683867 - Schedule actions with higher idle priority

Milan Crha (10):
      Bug #675287 - Spool file account doesn't show messages
      Fix a memory leak from e_source_webdav_prepare_ssl_trust_prompt()
      Add comments around g_idle_add() changes
      Bug #686528 - Pickup ownCloud accounts from GOA
      Fix few memory leaks in evolution-source-registry
      Add modules/ubuntu-online-accounts/google-*.service.in to POTFILES.skip
      Typo in test_closure type
      Fix a gtk-doc build break caused by commit 623eb5fc7dd2b21f
      Introduce e_backend_is_destination_reachable()
      [CalDAV] Try to search for event when not in local cache

Patrick Ohly (3):
      ebook: avoid repeatedly creating GSettings in e_book_client_is_self
      ebook: make EContactCert usable in Vala
      ebook: make EContactGeo usable in Vala

Piotr DrÄg (4):
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Updated POTFILES.in
      Updated Polish translation

Tristan Van Berkom (14):
      test-server-utils.c: Added TEST_INSTALLED_SERVICES env var
      EBookBackendSqliteDB: Remodeled concurrent access.
      Fix EDataBook error conversions to include E_CLIENT_ERROR_OUT_OF_SYNC
      Splits libebook into two libraries.
      Fixing broken vala makefile.
      Added EDataBookDirect & generated D-Bus counterpart.
      EBookBackend: Added apis for backends to support Direct Read Access
      EDataBook / EDataBookView: Added Direct Read Access APIs / support
      Added Direct Read Access support to EBookClient
      EBookBackendFile: Add support for Direct Read Access.
      e-test-server-utils: Added DEBUG_DIRECT env var
      Added concurrent view test: test-client-view-operations.c
      Store E.164 phone number values automatically in the vCard
      Add optimized indexing capabilities for phone number values.

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