[gnome-terminal/mallard-help: 114/160] Help: Added help to txt-search.page

commit e8e0bbf153c6c04b9ed5770dae860c1dbaf18856
Author: Sindhu S <sindhus live in>
Date:   Sat Feb 9 13:48:33 2013 +0530

    Help: Added help to txt-search.page
    Added help on searching text inside Terminal and available options
    to narrow down results.
    Added a note on how setting scrollback lines can affect the range
    of search in Terminal.

 help/C/txt-search.page |   49 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/help/C/txt-search.page b/help/C/txt-search.page
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..52cc383
--- /dev/null
+++ b/help/C/txt-search.page
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
+<page xmlns="http://projectmallard.org/1.0/";
+      type="task"
+      id="search">
+  <info>
+    <revision version="0.1" date="2013-01-10" status="draft"/>
+    <credit type="author copyright">
+      <name>Sindhu S</name>
+      <email>sindhus live in</email>
+      <years>2013</years>
+    </credit>
+    <link type="guide" xref="index#textoutput"/>
+    <link type="seealso" xref="pref-scrolling"/>
+    <desc>Find text in <app>Terminal</app> output</desc>
+  </info>
+  <title>Search for text</title>
+  <p>You can search for text in <app>Terminal</app> output. Go to <guiseq><gui style="menu">Search</gui><gui 
style="menuitem">Find</gui></guiseq>. In <gui style="textbox">Search for:</gui>, type in the search keyword 
and press <gui style="button">Find</gui>. To return, press <gui style="button">Close</gui>.</p>
+  <p>You can search using the following options to narrow your results accordingly.</p>
+  <terms>
+    <item>
+      <title><gui style="checkbox">Match case</gui></title>
+      <p>Select this option to restrict results to only those that match the case of your given keyword, 
that is, your search is set to be case sensitive.</p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <title><gui style="checkbox">Match entire word only</gui></title>
+      <p><app>Terminal</app> will look for the entire search keyword and will ignore results that partially 
match your given search. For example, you may have searched for "rhythmbox", <app>Terminal</app> will show 
only results that match this keyword exactly and omit results such as "rhythmbox-client".</p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <title><gui style="checkbox">Match as regular expression</gui></title>
+      <p><!--TODO: write the behvaiour --></p>
+    </item>
+    <item>
+      <title><gui style="checkbox">Search backwards</gui></title>
+      <p>If selected, this option searches for the keyword from the latest <app>Terminal</app> output and 
upwards. This option is advised when you are looking for the keyword that could have occured recently.</p>
+    </item>
+    <item><gui style="checkbox">Wrap around</gui></item>
+    <p><!-- What is this?! --></p>
+  </terms>
+  <note style="tip"><p>If you expect to work with a lot of <app>Terminal</app> output, you should set 
<gui>scrollback lines</gui> to unlimited to allow <app>Terminal</app> to search more efficiently.</p></note>

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