[tracker] (8 commits) Created branch fts4-fixes

The branch 'fts4-fixes' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  e983635... fts: Remove min word length limit from configuration
  66dcd16... tests: tweak FTS tests to cope with the word length changes
  c8b27d7... ontology: Remove use of tracker:fulltextNoLimit now it's de
  1738cbc... tracker-sparql: Fixed documentation, removed tracker:fullte
  14dd2df... libtracker-data: Removed tracker:fulltextNoLimit
  bfe481e... functional-tests: Removed tracker:fulltextNoLimit
  9909e81... libtracker-fts: Fix unit test ontologies, removed tracker:f
  6739970... ontology: Add a comment that tracker:fulltextNoLimit is now

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