[rygel] Created tag RYGEL_0_17_0-w42

The signed tag 'RYGEL_0_17_0-w42' was created.

Tagger: Jens Georg <jensg openismus com>
Date: Wed Oct 17 11:40:06 2012 +0200

    Snapshot release for Week 42

Changes since the last tag 'RYGEL_0_17_0':

Andreas Henriksson (5):
      Drop unused libs from librygel-core
      Move rygel base libs up the linking chain to avoid excessive linking
      Expand LIBADDs to everything needed
      Fix typo in librygel-core Makefile.am (GIO_LIBS vs LIBGIO_LIBS)
      Move UUID_LIBS to where it's actually used

Jens Georg (16):
      all: Adapt to new GUPnP vapi
      gstreamer: Don't crash on transcoding
      server: Stop crash if force-downgrade-for is empty
      core: Fix namespace of DescriptionFile
      example: Fix service description in init script
      doc: Fix generation of GStreamer renderer docs
      external: Use audio.music as specified in spec
      mpris: Don't crash on faulty MPRIS implementation
      server: Only create seek when requested
      core,plugins: Add server capabilities
      core: Don't assert if XML element does not exist
      data: Bump MediaServer version to 3
      server: Implement ServiceResetToken

Krzesimir Nowak (8):
      Fix the RygelHTTPGetTest.
      WIP: LastChange classes.
      WIP: Changed MediaContainer's updated() and container_updated signal.
      Add LastChange to ContentDirectory.
      WIP: Some early changes adding missing properties for tracking object changes.
      WIP: Changes in plugins. Do not build them for now.
      WIP: Some more random changes in SimpleContainer.
      wip: Add UpdateObject action and an unfinished ItemUpdater.

Mark Ryan (2):
      media-export: Ignore invalid colorDepth
      build: Remove unneccessary gupnp-dlna dependencies

Murray Cumming (17):
      renderer: Add get_playbin()
      renderer: Renderer: Update docs for new API.
      server: Add HTTPSeek docs
      Fix the build. Sorry
      build: Correct the .pc.in files.
      docs: Override the gtk-doc SERVER variable.
      build: Do not require valadoc in tarball builds
      build: Fix distcheck, hopefully
      docs: Generalize the docs build more.
      Remove some debug build stuff
      docs: Fix librygel-renderer-gst generation.
      docs: Add overview documentation.
      Update .gitignore for docs/
      docs: No indent in first line of examples.
      docs: Improve the librygel-core overview.
      server: Improve MediaEngine documentation.
      server: docs: Mention the 3 uses.

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