[nautilus] Created tag 3.6.1

The signed tag '3.6.1' was created.

Tagger: Cosimo Cecchi <cosimoc gnome org>
Date: Mon Oct 15 11:19:20 2012 -0400

    Release 3.6.1

Changes since the last tag '3.6.0':

Alexander Shopov (1):
      Updated Bulgarian translation

Alexandre Franke (3):
      Update French translation
      Update French translation
      Update French translation

Arash Mousavi (3):
      L10N: Updated Persian translation
      L10N: Updated Persian translation
      L10N: Updated Persian translation

Ask H. Larsen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

Cosimo Cecchi (51):
      slot: ensure the floating bar is hidden when loading finishes
      slot: consolidate code for showing/hiding the loading floating bar
      window: don't make the sidebar setting apply to all the windows
      shell-search-provider: warn against NULL strings before normalizing
      file-utilities: export special_directory_get_icon()
      bookmark: include icons for XDG special directories in NautilusBookmark
      shell-search-provider: include Home and Trash among the results
      shell-search-provider: consolidate string matching for builtin places
      po: fix POTFILES.in
      search-directory: only set base model when it matches query location
      search-engine-model: normalize both strings before comparison
      search: factor out a common helper function and use it
      search: simplify setting NautilusQuery
      search-engine-tracker: complete search in idle if we got no connection
      application: don't open the default display when parsing options
      shell-provider: get a timestamp from X when activating the file
      directory: make the location GFile a construct property
      search-directory: don't update the search file name for saved searches
      file: always override file type for saved search files
      file: remove unused NautilusSavedSearchFile
      directory: simplify directory creation in a single place
      application: display an error dialog when connecting to server fails
      slot: make sure we have signal handlers before disconnecting them
      slot: use the pending location when creating a query editor in loading
      slot: refactor some code
      list-view: clear the renaming file when stopping cell editing
      desktop-canvas: set margins according to the primary workarea
      pathbar: consistently use symbolic icons for root elements in pathbar
      list-view: don't call parent when the row has been selected
      shell-provider: make the shell search provider follow show-hidden
      Remove unused NautilusMergedDirectory
      search-directory: simplify start/stop search code
      file: don't check nautilus_file_is_in_search() when getting relevance
      query: change raking to always sort closest files first
      search-directory: set show hidden files on query according to monitors
      simple-engine: always emit finished, even when cancelled
      search-engine: refactor providers status check
      search-directory: fix a FIXME
      query: move string matching code in NautilusQuery
      search-hit: set a limit to FTS weight in matches
      search-engine-simple: clear active search before calling finished
      search-engine-model: clear active search before calling finished
      search-engine-simple: don't send last batch when cancelled
      search-engine: wait for all engine's completion before starting
      search: add debug output
      window-slot: reset floating bar details when setting load status
      tracker-engine: apply basename heuristic to tracker hits too
      search-directory: use g_hash_table_add()
      search: remove unused hits-subtracted signal
      application: call gtk_init() manually when doing self checks
      release: prepare for 3.6.1

Daniel Korostil (1):
      Added uk translation

Daniel Martinez Cucalon (1):
      Added Aragonese translation

FÃbio Nogueira (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Ihar Hrachyshka (2):
      Updated Belarusian translation.
      Updated Belarusian translation.

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmÃl translation

Marek Äernockà (1):
      Updated Czech translation

Takayuki KUSANO (1):
      Updated Japanese translation

Tom Tryfonidis (1):
      Fixes for Greek translation

William Jon McCann (1):
      Set a default window icon

Yaron Shahrabani (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation.

Yasumichi Akahoshi (1):
      [l10n] Update Japanese translation

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Fixed Russian translation

Åygimantas BeruÄka (1):
      Updated Lithuanian translation

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