[postr] Created tag POSTR_0.13

The unsigned tag 'POSTR_0.13' was created.

Tagger: GermÃn Poo-CaamaÃo <gpoo gnome org>
Date: Wed Oct 3 16:06:51 2012 -0700

    Postr 0.13 released


Adam Plumb (1):
      Add icon menu in nautilus extension (#617309)

Alexandre Franke (1):
      Add French translation

Andrej ÅnidarÅiÄ (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Antonio Fernandes C. Neto (1):
      [i18n] Updated pt_BR translation

Arvis Lacis (1):
      Added Latvian translation

Bruno Brouard (1):
      Updated French translation

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Cristian Marchi (1):
      [i18n] Updated Italien translation

Daniel Mustieles (8):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Added Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Daniel Nylander (3):
      Updated Swedish translation
      Updated Swedish translation
      Updated Swedish translation

Daniel Stone (2):
      Add RHS thumbnail scaling support.     Scale the RHS thumbnail, constrained by aspect ratio.
      Display zoom factor when viewing a photo.     Show in the status bar how much we're zoomed by.

David Ignacio (10):
      Disable remove photos menu and button if no photos have been added
      Code clean up
      Add save/load session funcionality (#530105)
      Only show save/quit confirmation if unsaved
      Preserve the model state when load a session (#530105)
      Display the flickr username instead of nsid if present     Signed-off-by: GermÃn PÃo-CaamaÃo <gpoo gnome org>
      Allow the creation of a new photoset in an upload session
      Use GIO GFiles instead of python file objects (#518273)
      add a more verbose upload progress bar (bug 529504)
      track progress for extra upload steps

Dean Sas (1):
      Use browser specified in gconf rather than hard coded firefox

Djavan Fagundes (2):
      Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (#604533)
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Emmanuele Bassi (1):
      remember the last opened folder

Fran DiÃguez (1):
      Added Galician translations

Francisco Rojas (10):
      Enable instant edition when select a photo (#562162)
      Make missing strings translatable (#601037)
      Fix removal of photos from the photo list (#601129)
      Clean up the code that manage the image selector
      Allow image list to be re-ordered using D&D (#601536)
      Use hashlib if available (#601813)
      Change the select All shortcut (#600640)
      Added tag autocomplete (#507242)
      Select a row after remove an image (#625059)
      Throw an error if a image disappears in the upload process (#537554)

Gabor Kelemen (2):
      Added hu to LINGUAS
      Added Hungarian translation by Gyorgy Ballo

German Poo Caaman~o (2):
      Improved progress dialog: Now show the title/thumb of the upload file
      Added progress information while uploading files.

German Poo-Caaman~o (10):
      Fixed task_max_size and task_counter when a task is done
      Add the option to run it even if is not installed
      Improved the way to load when postr is not installed
      Deleted old 'pulse' code and fixed the progressbar to start from 0 instead 1
      Fixed label in progress bar while uploading
      Changed rotation numbers by a enumeration for self documentation
      Added a nautilus extension to run Postr
      Fixed locate_program to find a program exists in the PATH
      Fixed locate_program and added support for any kind of image
      Added question before to quit if upload is in progress

GermÃn Poo-CaamaÃo (1):
      Version 0.13

GermÃn PÃo-CaamaÃo (32):
      Verify when a file does not exist (#576969)
      Delete deprecated entry (#572721)
      Avoid hard coded file size limit (#551472)
      Updated .gitignore
      Updated DOAP content
      Version 0.12.90
      Define a default max file size to upload
      Updated DOAP content
      Add default license used on Flickr
      Updated the webpage in the About dialog
      Added the documentation's skeleton
      Fixed wrong icon size in menu (#535742)
      Rotate thumbnail's in File Chooser (#608494)
      Merge branch 'pyunique'
      Make the postr.glade glade3 compatible
      Fix rename of a set when it is new
      Fix progress_tracker on upload
      Updated to bsddb3 insteado of former dbhash/bsddb
      [i18n] Updated Spanish translation
      Updated list of contributors in AUTHORS
      [doc] Fix attributes to makes them valid
      [i18n] Added files and updated strings to translate
      Updated .gitignore with those autogenerated files
      Added autotools infrastructure
      Updated documentation's screenshots and logo
      [i18n] Updated strings for translation
      [doc] Updated introduction and login documentation
      Fixed documentation style in titles and descriptions
      Updated help for uploading
      Reverted commit fe45fa - removed help/AZ
      Added Mallard support to python install script (disutils)

Joe Hansen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

Jorge GonzÃlez (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Karl Mikaelsson (7):
      Add PyUnique code
      Modify postr ever so slightly to accomodate for using pyunique
      Eliminate race conditions in PyUnique.
      Some cleanup and whitespace changes, to make code more readable.
      Allow for multiple running pyunique programs to exist peacefully.
      Don't import constants directly.
      Make postr window present itself when an image has been added.

Karl Svensson (3):
      Add combo box for choosing content type (#507243)
      Added missing file to implemente Content Type upload     Signed-off-by: GermÃn PÃo-CaamaÃo <gpoo gnome org>
      Add combo box to choose license (#601301)

Kenneth Nielsen (1):
      Added da to list of languages

Kjartan Maraas (2):
      Added Norwegian bokmÃl translation
      Added nb

Marek Äernockà (6):
      Czech screenshot
      Czech screenshot
      Czech help translation
      Added Czech language
      Updated Czech translation
      Updated Czech translation

Mario BlÃttermann (13):
      [i18n] Updated German translation
      [i18n] Added missing file to make intltool working.
      [l10n] Added initial German doc translation
      [i18n] Added LINGUAS
      [i18n] Added missing file to POTFILES.in
      [i18n] Added missing files for docs creation
      [i18n] Added sv to LINGUAS
      [l10n] Updated German translation
      [l10n] Updated German doc translation
      [l10n] Updated German translation
      [l10n] Updated German doc translation
      [l10n] Updated German doc translation
      [l10n] Updated German doc translation

Matej UrbanÄiÄ (7):
      Added Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation
      Added Slovenian translation
      Added sl for Slovenian translation
      Added Slovenian translation
      Added Slovenian translation

Matthew Martin (1):
      Added support for Gtk.Spell (#588571)     Signed-off-by: GermÃn PÃo-CaamaÃo <gpoo gnome org>

Mike Akiba (1):
      Add Chinese (China) translations.

Olav Vitters (2):
      Fix doap file
      DOAP: fix download location

Petr Kovar (1):
      Add Czech translation by Marek Cernocky

Piotr DrÄg (1):
      Added Polish translation

Ross Burton (327):
      Initial commit.
      Add documentation and copyright
      Remove the status bar and clean up the menu bar
      Do the uploading in a thread
      Don't use a custom flickrapi
      Add about dialog
      Add TODO
      Mention flickrapi.py
      Add stuff to TODO
      Ignore Glade backup and project files
      Re-arrange source and use distutils to install
      Add a desktop file
      Destroy the about dialog when its closed
      Add TODO
      Add script to run postr from source tree
      Remove dead code
      Removed stupid idea
      Move gtk.main
      Implement dragging of image data
      Rename jpegData to imageData
      Start refactoring the source
      More refactoring
      Implement a single quit callback
      Clean up selection code
      Fix starter script
      Allow multiple selections and batch edits
      Add uploading event
      Show upload quota in a statusbar
      Add menu items to edit the selection
      Add Edit->Delete menu item
      Rename uri to filename, and implement File->Add
      Fix the threading
      Update TODO
      Add some more comments
      Add rocking threaded wrapper and use for getting the quota
      Don't use idle_add but the enter/leave functions
      Remove get/set_quota
      Fix spelling
      Add a preview image on the RHS (Daniel Stone)
      Add more
      Special love for Daniel
      Remove the zoom statusbar, clip the size of the preview, and other changes to upset Daniel
      Recurse if a folder is dropped
      Add TODO
      Add rocking decorator to hide the idle handler in threaded calls
      Always destroy the add photos dialog
      Refactor the add photo code
      Improve the threaded decorator, thanks James Hensbridge
      Split decorators into a separate file
      Add upload progress bar
      Improve and rename the threadsafe decorator to as_idle, thanks to James Hensbridge
      Update TODO
      Catch exceptions when calling os.getlogin() as it can fail
      Merge from stable.
      Merge in German Poo-Caamano's patch to make the progress dialog a lot nicer.
      Commit label fix when uploading
      Block and unblock the field change signals to avoid trampling field when changing image
      Remove async queue, create uploading thread on demand.  The side effect is that the off-by-ones in the uploading are all fixed.
      Set version to 0.2
      Fetch token in __init__ not in toplevel
      Fix token reference
      Fix token reference
      Remove out of date TODO
      Update to FlickrAPI version 10 to fix uploading failure
      Version 0.3
      Add more items
      Import pygtk
      Merge patch to read the web browser from GConf instead of hard-coding firefox,     thanks Dean Sas.  I added a fallback to firefox if the key is unset.
      Initial port to flickrest
      Fix progress, uploading, and fetch quota when done
      Move flickr object into Postr
      Rationalise the reactor use
      Remove flickrapi
      Port to flickrapi, and thus Twisted
      Use gtkunique
      Set the uploading flag
      Merge from postr.dev
      Rejiggle an array
      Merge from postr.dev
      Add comments
      Remove done()
      Add documentation
      Merge from postr.dev
      Only except ImportError, and open files passed on the command line
      Create a dummy UniqueApp for when PyGtkUnique isn't present
      Merge from postr.dev
      Add optional dependency on GtkUnique
      Add contributors
      Remember the last used folder when adding images (thanks Emmanuelle Bassi)
      Add iptc.py, and read IPTC data when adding images
      Rotate the preview if required
      Use a helper to get the glade widgets instead of calling get_widget lots
      Add docs
      More documentation
      Don't handle errors, let get_widget throw an exception
      Fix progressbar widget name, and disable the Upload menu item when uploading
      Add a preview widget when adding files
      Add async auth flickrest. This still blocks the UI though at the moment.
      Add docs
      Add a basic async auth dialog
      Remove old comments
      Add TODO
      Disable upload until connected
      Update TODO
      Add TODO
      Use action buttons
      Clean up authentication dialog, work on GTK+ 2.8
      Update flickrest
      Merge async flickrest work so that authentication is interactive and doesn't block
      Add shortcuts for Delete and Select All
      Merge patch from GermÃn Poà CaamaÃo
      Add nautilus extension to run Postr
      Move extension to nautilus/ so that it isn't installed twice
      Add %F to Exec and TryExec fields
      Merge fix for locate_program from German, and use file.is_mime_type() to check file type
      Patch from German to show a dialog if quiting whilst uploading
      Remove global uploading, and rewrite quit dialog to use action buttons
      Fix spawning the browser when the exec string contains quotes
      Remove impossible TODO and ensure code should work on GTK+ < 2.10
      Small refactor, and fix authentication when the exec string has no quotes
      Initial markup of translatable strings
      Markup translatable strings
      Use named args for i18n
      Update flickrest to rev 41
      Update to flickrest rev 42
      Add Italian translation, although it doesn't get installed yet
      Version 0.4
      Work with Python 2.5 (rev 44)
      Add DOAP file
      Handle exceptions when parsing EXIF or IPTC
      Version 0.5
      Update flickrpc to rev 48, fixing the return value from upload()
      Add basic functionality to add a photo to a set on upload
      Start refactoring into sane code
      Add some comments
      Increment version
      Add rocking icon from Andreas Nilsson
      Consolidate data files
      Use the icon
      Add French translation (thanks Yoan Blanc)
      Add (mostly) a dialog to display twisted errors
      Remove hashbang, it won't work
      Remove hashbang
      Remove Application category
      Merge patch from Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> to change the icon view to a     tree view.
      Merge patch from Lucas Rocha to change the icon view to a tree view.
      Clean up info markup
      Add value for no rotation
      Cleanup rotation logic
      Move the newline in the info string
      Don't hardcode grey for the tags in the treeview, but use the theme
      Add a TODO
      Use a different IPTC parser, support munging lists from the data, and actually import IPTC metadata
      Bump version to 0.6
      Display the exception when import postr fails
      Unquote the URI when accepting drags, fixing file names with spaces
      Don't crash if the set iterator isn't set when uploading
      Add Swedish translation, thanks Daniel Nylander
      Version 0.7
      Escape strings when generating Pango markup
      Change import order so that local source tree is attempted first
      When uploading, show the progress in the title bar
      Add size column to ImageStore, and set it when adding an image
      Don't have parent as an argument to the AboutDialog constructor
      Add test
      Add a ProgressDialog class instead of using glade
      Remove TODO, I understand the issue
      Set error dialog's parent
      Show how much is due to be uploaded in the status bar
      Add some comments
      Use Pythonic TreeModel iterating rather than C style
      Disable debugging
      Factor out the dummy UniqueApp object
      Update flickrest, adding new signature calculation and cached token removal
      Add copyright notices
      Select a new row when deleting
      Rename Select->Delete to File->Remove
      Allow selection of all images in the file chooser, and show an error if the image cannot be loaded by gdkpixbuf
      Move a small utility function to postr.py from ErrorDialog
      Move get_thumb_size to util.py
      Create a status bar object
      Add error handling to the status bar
      Cleanup error function
      Change a comment to documentation
      Correctly handle setting to_upload to 0, fix a few other bugs
      Update (C) year
      Don't install the source SVGs for the bitmap icons
      Remove executable bit from postr.py
      Align progress text at the top
      Update the status bar correctly after upload
      When we get an error whilst uploading, reset the UI
      Only connect to the add_to_set callback if there is a set defined
      Remove completed photos from the store as they are done, not at the end. This helps continue when the upload fails
      Make cancel somewhat work at least
      Version 0.8
      Use the stock About item,  Thanks Claudio Saavedra.
      Move the version number to src/version.py.     Include the version number in setup.py.     Display the version number in the about dialog.     Thanks Claudio Saavedra.
      Add 24x24 icon (thanks Michael Monreal)
      Handle images with EXIF tags by coercing the value to strings, and handle empty strings correctly
      Version 0.9
      If Unicode conversion fails, attempt to convert from 8859-1 (#493016)
      Add Upload button to the UI (#479863)
      Actually connect the Upload button to the handler
      Add a patched version of twisted.web.client which supports proxies.  Patch taken     from http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/1774.
      Add proxy support, and lookup the http_proxy environment variable on startup
      Handle proxies which are URLs
      change getPage to take URL-style proxies, and update flickrest
      Read the GNOME proxy settings and pass them to flickrpc
      Add error dialog method to show an arbitrary string
      Check the file size so files which flickr will reject are not attempted (#502691)
      Call show_all rather than show on error dialogs, otherwise there is no content
      Version 0.10
      Add German translation
      Don't trample existing drag target lists
      Clear the thumbnail image on startup, glade3 doesn't like empty images
      Use a TextView for the description, to allow multi-line descriptions
      Make the state of the Upload button reflect reality
      Update some comments
      Refactor duplicated upload complete code
      Remove COL_INFO, and instead use a data func
      Fix store column IDs
      Don't get so many fields when updating the preview
      Raise an exception if the glade widget cannot be found
      If we have a cached token, verify it
      Set the size request of the preview to 1,1 so it can shrink
      Fix the scaling algorithm so it works
      Refactor the glade code, and add a function to add a set to widgets to a size group
      Add some documentation
      Add PrivacyCombo widget
      Add SafetyCombo widget
      Add a new Privacy and Safety expander and widgets. They don't do anything yet, though
      Add a boolean column for 'visible in search results'
      Update to flickrest r54, with search_hidden support
      Add support for the hidden check box
      Set the minumum size of the preview to 128x128
      Add combobox field/iterator value support to enable/disable field
      Update to flickrest r56 for privay controls
      Add accessor, and return a tuple not a dict
      Add Privacy column
      Hook up the privacy combo
      Call selection_changed on startup to initialise the interface widgets
      flickrest r57, with safety argument
      Add safety column to image store
      Add accessors, similar to PrivacyCombo
      Hook up the Safety combo
      Make all upload arguments options (flickrest r58)
      Only set privacy options if set
      Update (C) dates
      Add utility method to fetch buddyicons
      Initial group selector widget, does nothing useful so far
      Actually add the group selector widget
      Add utility function to get the XDG cache path
      Add TODO
      Allow resizing of the buddyicon, and use 24x24px icons for the group selector
      Use names for columns
      Add ID column
      Use a cache when looking up buddy icons
      Hook up toggling the check boxes
      Fix indentation
      Update (C) dates
      Enable fixed height mode
      Add group list accessors
      Add group list column
      Add a changed signal, and handle None groups when setting
      Hook up the group selector to the store
      Add comment
      Add photo to groups when uploading
      Add a group selection widget
      Fix privacy uploading (flickrest r59)
      Add TODO
      Update to flickrest r60, with username support
      Show the logged in full name or username in the statusbar.
      Show the user's full name in the status bar
      Delete the buddyicon database if it needs upgrading
      Enable searching in the group list
      Search substrings when looking for group names
      Set the size request of the group selector to show three rows
      Search for groups ignoring case
      Add TODO
      Remove bad import which was breaking the group selector
      Set the horizontal scrollbar policy to automatic, so that wrapping works (#526643)
      Bump version to 0.11
      Add switch user menu item (#507737)
      Update the status bar after uploading (#519053)
      Show a dialog if there are photos to upload when quit is pressed (#527960, thanks GermÃn PÃo-CaamaÃo
      Handle error code 6 when adding to a group, which means the photo is in the moderation queue
      Don't make clicking on the group name toggle the selected renderer
      Add Add/Remove buttons to the main window (#518230)
      Install nautilus extension to extension-1.0 and extension-2.0
      Version 0.12
      Make the Quit buttons default in the exit confirm dialogs
      Center the image preview
      Show the postr icon in the preview when no image is selected
      Factor out the set combo into a custom widget
      At this point we don't know what the parent window is
      Fix silly typos and don't pass a non-existant variable as the parent window
      Hook up the Upload button to the callback again, whoops
      Fix error callback
      Add a parent argument to AboutDialog
      Fix formatting
      Move an import to where its used
      Fix the packing on the set combo
      Don't show No description in the list view
      Change the status bar to be a descriptive label at the top, and show the buddyicon
      Paint the statusb bar in a different colour
      Move the Upload button to the status bar
      Size the set thumbnails based on the font size
      Base the size of the group thumbnails on the font size
      Merge from postr.dev
      Remove the status bar and have a funky banner instead (#511755)
      Hook up the toolbar Upload button again
      Print the exception or failure to the console when reporting errors
      Escape the authentication URL so that it should work for more browsers (#447203)
      Try again to fix URL opening for people using iceweasel -remote
      Flickr upload limit is now 20Mb, not 10Mb (#538290)
      Don't show remaining quota if the user is pro as they have no quota (thanks Kalle Svensson)
      Don't let the right side of the pane shrink (thanks CÃsar Octavio LÃpez NatarÃn)
      Add Spanish translation (thanks Juan Carlos)
      Fix removal of images in upload queue if the upload fails (#549965, Claudio     Saavendra).
      Synced flickrest agains bzr upstream

Sergio Infante Montero (2):
      Changed images on buttons by descriptive text (#562160)
      Update documentation using Mallard, and add some screenshots

Tiffany Antopolski (4):
      [l10n] Added updated Canadian English transliteration.
      Add en_CA to LINGUAS
      Add Esperanto translation
      Added help button.

Tim Lauridsen (1):
      Fixed destination to install Nautilus extension (#593153)

Yinghua Wang (1):
      Update Chinese (China) translation.

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Added Russian translation

      Added Serbian translation

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