[ocrfeeder] (10 commits) Created branch new_fixes

The branch 'new_fixes' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  b396805... Remove setting the font in the PDF generation
  7d26926... Improve the text lines split in PDF generation
  cced501... copy a new instance of the current ocr-engine for parallel 
  6ee1bc5... Change the async worker to use threads for its job executio
  ce494d1... Remember the last directories in image add / file save.
  cf4aeca... add __setstate__ and __getstate__ to the DataBox
  3051395... pull the __performRecognitionForPage out of ImageReviewer_C
  a6b0f7a... fix async completion issues on recognition finish
  b45eb02... add a multiprocess Pool to the async worker.
  fbb75c3... fix a race condition in parallel recognizion

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