[evolution-kolab] (9 commits) ...test-kolab-mail-access: properly init bool var

Summary of changes:

  7ee6107... libekolabutil: added AUTO folder (creation) type (*)
  688130f... libekolabutil: added type KolabUtilCamelIMAPPath and util f (*)
  e07aafb... CamelIMAPXExtdStore: updated comment (yes, parent_name may  (*)
  05fa524... CamelKolabIMAPXStore: folder creation type getter/setter AP (*)
  01b31ff... KolabMailImapClient: require folder type argument for folde (*)
  6f68799... KolabMailSynchronizer: pass in folder type information to t (*)
  7c671c2... KolabMailAccess: relax folder type checking, adapt to synch (*)
  fac8e0f... test-kolab-mail-access: added folder creation/deletion into (*)
  5d65984... test-kolab-mail-access: properly init bool var

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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