[gnome-shell] (12 commits) Created branch wip/re-search

The branch 'wip/re-search' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  d824183... iconGrid: Handle preferred height requests for infinite wid
  a44531d... searchDisplay, and others: Switch from provider title to pr
  053df7c... searchDisplay: Add ListSearchResult and ListSearchResults
  0aca27d... searchDisplay: Set can_focus on provider icon only if its r
  509a159... theme: Update for search redesign
  44ec9f6... {app,place}Display: Add provider icons for the search syste
  1edbc02... popupMenu: Break separator drawing code out of PopupSeparat
  05595af... remoteSearch: We do not need a fallback for createIcon
  d0d67a3... remoteSearch: Only add createIcon to meta if an icon is spe
  b8a8c5d... appDisplay: Remove createIcon from meta of SettingsSearchPr
  7450d6f... placeDisplay: Remove createIcon from meta of PlaceSearchPro
  30978a5... searchDisplay: Put the grid search results in the middle

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