[pygobject] Created tag 3.3.90

The signed tag '3.3.90' was created.

Tagger: Martin Pitt <martinpitt gnome org>
Date: Mon Aug 20 23:05:57 2012 +0200

    release 3.3.90

Changes since the last tag '3.3.5':

David Malcolm (2):
      Fix various endianess errors
      Fix unmarshalling of gssize

Manuel QuiÃones (1):
      Convert Gtk.CellRendererState in the pygi-convert script

Martin Pitt (6):
      Ignore E124 pep8 error
      test_overrides.py: Fix PEP8 whitespacing
      gtk-demo: Fix some PEP-8 whitespace issues
      Do not fail tests if pyflakes or pep8 are not installed
      Fix pep8/pyflakes invocation
      release 3.3.90

Mathieu Duponchelle (1):
      Implement marshalling for GParamSpec

Paolo Borelli (3):
      Post-release version bump to 3.3.6
      More updates to the HACKING file
      Add unit test for the TreeModelSort override

Simon Feltman (2):
      Gtk overrides: Add TreeModelSort.__init__(self, model)
      Fix erronous import statements for Python 3.3

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