[libsecret] Created tag 0.9

The signed tag '0.9' was created.

Tagger: Stef Walter <stefw gnome org>
Date: Mon Aug 20 16:06:20 2012 +0200

     * Add a manual page for secret-tool
     * Fix up libsecret licensing
     * Build and testing fixes

Changes since the last tag '0.8':

Evan Nemerson (1):
      vala: use nodist sources for vala test cases

Stef Walter (9):
      More licensing tweaks
      Don't link to secure memory code twice
      Require valac in order to 'make distcheck'
      Bump version number
      build: Fix build without libgcrypt
      secret-tool: Add a manual page
      Display vala enabled status when configuring
      Fix gcc warning about uninitialized warning
      Release version 0.9

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