[cogl/wip/rib/cogl-1.12: 45/139] Visual C++ 2008 support: Add note in README.txt

commit 37fbfffcd086eeee16253c7657005e604d2606db
Author: Chun-wei Fan <fanchunwei src gnome org>
Date:   Tue May 15 12:06:51 2012 +0800

    Visual C++ 2008 support: Add note in README.txt
    Tell people that they need to get a stdint.h implementation for Visual C++
    2008 for use with Cogl-master/1.99.x+, and where they can obtain such an
    This is not needed for Visual C++ 2010 as it ships with stdint.h by
    (cherry picked from commit 938d70b78d672dd07e7124f7573d17d3e3079365)

 build/win32/vs9/README.txt |    8 ++++++++
 1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/build/win32/vs9/README.txt b/build/win32/vs9/README.txt
index 4c4b45a..09618b0 100644
--- a/build/win32/vs9/README.txt
+++ b/build/win32/vs9/README.txt
@@ -26,6 +26,14 @@ gettext-runtime* and Cairo*, and glext.h from
 http://www.opengl.org/registry/api/glext.h (which need to be in the GL folder
 in your include directories or in <root>\vs9\<PlatformName>\include\GL).
+As Cogl 1.99.x and later will now use C99 types in lieu of GLib types, a
+compatible implementation of stdint.h for Visual C++ is required, such
+as the one from http://code.google.com/p/msinttypes/, so one would need
+to download and extract the .zip file from that website and extract stdint.h
+into <root>\vs9\<PlatformName>\include or somewhere where it can be
+automatically found by the compiler.  Note that Visual C++ 2010 and later
+ships with stdint.h, so it is only required for Visual C++ 2008 builds.
 If building the SDL winsys is desired, you will also need the SDL libraries
 from www.libsdl.org-building the SDL source package with Visual C++ 2008
 is recommended (working Visual C++ 2005 projects are included with it, upgrade

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