[cogl] (8 commits) Created branch wip/gles2-flip-fbo

The branch 'wip/gles2-flip-fbo' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  658813d... cogl-gles2-context: Fix the default viewport and scissor si
  a20baad... cogl-gles2-context: Keep some extra data for shaders and pr
  9934e98... Add a wrapper for 'memmem'
  b95a6f2... cogl-gles2-context: Flip the rendering when framebuffer is 
  32ba631... test-gles2-context: Fix error checking for cogl_gles2_conte
  2b414d7... test-gles2-context: Add a test case for rendering to an FBO
  6f01bec... cogl-gles2-context: Keep track of extra data per texture ob
  b35d500... cogl-gles2-context: Wrap glCopyTex{Sub,}Image2D to flip the

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