[hitori] Updated Romanian Translation

commit 01209da0a8836223d5a563d896afeb2b2f85d9be
Author: Daniel ÈerbÄnescu <daniel serbanescu dk>
Date:   Sun Aug 5 23:03:44 2012 +0200

    Updated Romanian Translation

 help/Makefile.am |    2 +-
 help/ro/ro.po    |  375 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 376 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
diff --git a/help/Makefile.am b/help/Makefile.am
index 6f78e78..9643428 100644
--- a/help/Makefile.am
+++ b/help/Makefile.am
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ include $(top_srcdir)/gnome-doc-utils.make
 dist-hook: doc-dist-hook
 DOC_ID = hitori
-DOC_LINGUAS = cs da de en_GB es fr sl sv zh_CN
+DOC_LINGUAS = cs da de en_GB es fr ro sl sv zh_CN
 DOC_FIGURES = figures/hitori_main_window.png
 	customization.page \
diff --git a/help/ro/ro.po b/help/ro/ro.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..74f2c0b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/help/ro/ro.po
@@ -0,0 +1,375 @@
+# Romanian translation for hitori.
+# Copyright (C) 2011 hitori's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the hitori package.
+# Cristian Iacobescu <cristy_hereg93 yahoo com>, 2011.
+# Master <cristy_hereg93 yahoo com>, 2011.
+# Daniel ÈerbÄnescu <daniel serbanescu dk>, 2012.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: hitori master\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-06-19 10:21+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-08-05 23:02+0200\n"
+"Last-Translator: Daniel ÈerbÄnescu <daniel serbanescu dk>\n"
+"Language-Team: Gnome Romanian Translation Team\n"
+"Language: ro\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=3; plural=(n==1 ? 0 : (n==0 || (n%100 > 0 && n%100 < "
+"20)) ? 1 : 2);;\n"
+"X-Generator: Virtaal 0.7.0\n"
+#: C/strategy.page:5(desc)
+msgid "Strategies for playing Hitori."
+msgstr "Strategii pentru a juca Hitori."
+#: C/strategy.page:7(title)
+msgid "Gameplay Strategies"
+msgstr "Strategii de joc"
+#: C/strategy.page:9(p)
+msgid ""
+"Hitori is quite similar to Sudoku, in that it takes logical deduction to "
+"work out which cells to paint out. One strategy is to use <key>Shift</key>-"
+"clicking to highlight all the repeated numbers in each <em>column</em>, then "
+"use <key>Ctrl</key>-clicking to highlight all the repeated numbers in each "
+msgstr ""
+"Hitori este destul de similar cu Sudoku, Ãn care este nevoie de deducÈie "
+"logicÄ pentru a determina care celule trebuiesc pictate. O strategie este de "
+"a utiliza <key>Shift</key>-clic pentru a evidenÈia toate numerele ce se "
+"repetÄ Ãn fiecare <em>coloanÄ</em>, apoi utilizaÈi <key>Ctrl</key>-clic "
+"pentru a evidenÈia toate numerele ce se repetÄ Ãn fiecare <em>rÃnd</em>."
+#: C/strategy.page:12(p)
+msgid ""
+"Once this is done for the entire board, the cells which have been "
+"highlighted both ways are good candidates for painting, although not always. "
+"When painting a cell, unhighlighting the other cells with the same number in "
+"the same row and column as that cell is a good way to keep track of which "
+"cells are still violating <link xref=\"game\">rule 1 of Hitori</link>."
+msgstr ""
+"OdatÄ ce acest lucru se face pentru Ãntreaga masÄ, celulele care au fost "
+"evidenÈiate Ãn ambele sensuri sunt bune candidate pentru pictare, deÈi nu "
+"Ãntotdeauna. CÃnd o celulÄ este pictatÄ, neevidenÈierea altor celule cu "
+"acelaÈi numÄr Ãn acelaÈi rÃnd Èi coloanÄ ca acea celula este o modalitate "
+"bunÄ de a urmÄri care celulele ÃncÄ ÃncalcÄ <link xref=\"game\">regula 1 din "
+#: C/strategy.page:15(p)
+msgid ""
+"Always bear in mind that rule 2 of Hitori means that two adjacent cells "
+"can't both be painted. <app>Hitori</app> will highlight in red the cells "
+"which violate rule 2. Similarly, groups of cells which violate rule 3 by "
+"separating one or more unpainted cells from the other unpainted cells will "
+"be highlighted in red."
+msgstr ""
+"Ãntotdeauna ÈineÈi minte cÄ regula 2 din Hitori ÃnseamnÄ cÄ douÄ celule "
+"adiacente nu pot fi ambele pictate. <app>Hitori</app> va evidenÈia Ãn roÈu "
+"celulele care ÃncalcÄ regula 2. Ãn mod similar, grupuri de celule care "
+"ÃncalcÄ regula 3, prin separarea a uneia sau mai multe celule nepictate de "
+"alte celule nepictate vor fi evidenÈiate Ãn roÈu."
+#: C/strategy.page:19(p)
+msgid ""
+"If you get stuck at any point, choose <guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Game</"
+"gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">Hint</gui></guiseq> for <app>Hitori</app> to "
+"flag a cell which should be painted or unpainted to move closer to a "
+msgstr ""
+"DacÄ rÄmÃneÈi blocat Ãn orice moment, alegeÈi <guiseq><gui "
+"style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">Indiciu</gui></guiseq> pentru ca "
+"<app>Hitori</app> sÄ semnalizeze o celulÄ care ar trebui sÄ fie pictatÄ sau "
+"depictatÄ, pentru a se apropia de o soluÈie."
+#: C/playing.page:5(desc)
+msgid "Using <app>Hitori</app> to play a game."
+msgstr "Utilizarea <app>Hitori</app> pentru a juca un joc."
+#: C/playing.page:7(title)
+msgid "Playing a Game"
+msgstr "Jucarea unei partide"
+#: C/playing.page:9(p)
+msgid ""
+"To start a new game, choose <guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Game</gui><gui style="
+"\"menuitem\">New Game</gui></guiseq>. If you are already playing a game, "
+"<app>Hitori</app> will ask if you want to stop the current game."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru a porni un nou joc, alegeÈi <guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui "
+"style=\"menuitem\">Joc nou</gui></guiseq>. DacÄ jucaÈi deja un alt joc, "
+"<app>Hitori</app> vÄ va Ãntreba dacÄ doriÈi sÄ opriÈi jocul curent."
+#: C/playing.page:11(p)
+msgid ""
+"To paint a cell, click on it; to unpaint it again, click on it again. When "
+"cells are painted such that none of the three rules are broken, the game "
+"will end and the board may no longer be manipulated."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru a picta o celulÄ, apÄsaÈi pe ea; pentru a o depicta, apÄsaÈi pe ea "
+"din nou. Atunci cÃnd celulele sunt pictate astfel cÄ niciuna din cele trei "
+"regulile nu sunt ÃncÄlcate, jocul se va termina Èi masa nu mai poate fi "
+#: C/playing.page:13(p)
+msgid ""
+"<app>Hitori</app> also allows you to highlight cells for your own reference "
+"when solving a board. This can be achieved by holding <key>Ctrl</key> or "
+"<key>Shift</key> and clicking on a cell. They both highlight cells "
+"differently, and cells can be highlighted in both manners at the same time. "
+"Highlighted cells can be de-highlighted by clicking on them again while "
+"holding either <key>Ctrl</key> or <key>Shift</key> again."
+msgstr ""
+"<app>Hitori</app> de asemenea, vÄ permite sÄ evidenÈiaÈi celulele de "
+"referinÈÄ pentru dumneavoastrÄ atunci cÃnd rezolvaÈi o masÄ. Acest lucru "
+"poate fi realizat prin menÈinerea <key>Ctrl</key> sau <key>Shift</key> Èi "
+"fÄcÃnd clic pe acea celulÄ. AmÃndouÄ evidenÈiazÄ celulele diferit Èi "
+"celulele pot fi evidenÈiate Ãn ambele maniere, Ãn acelaÈi timp. Celulele "
+"evidenÈiate pot fi de-evidenÈiate, apÄsÃnd pe ele din nou, Ãn timp ce "
+"menÈineÈi, fie <key>Ctrl</key> sau <key>Shift</key> din nou."
+#: C/playing.page:17(p)
+msgid ""
+"To undo or redo a move, choose <guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Game</gui><gui "
+"style=\"menuitem\">Undo</gui></guiseq> or <guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Game</"
+"gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">Redo</gui></guiseq>. You may undo or redo as "
+"many moves as you like without restriction."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru a anula sau a reface o miÈcare alegeÈi <guiseq><gui "
+"style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">AnuleazÄ</gui></guiseq> sau "
+"<guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui "
+"style=\"menuitem\">RefÄ</gui></guiseq>. PuteÈi anula sau a reface, atÃtea "
+"mutÄri cÃte doriÈi fÄrÄ nici o restricÈie."
+#: C/playing.page:20(p)
+msgid ""
+"To get a hint on which cells to paint out, choose <guiseq><gui style=\"menu"
+"\">Game</gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">Hint</gui></guiseq>. A cell will be "
+"highlighted with a flashing red outline. This shows that the current status "
+"of the cell (painted or unpainted) is incorrect, and should be changed for "
+"the game to be won."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru a obÈine un indiciu despre care celule trebuiesc pictate, selectaÈi "
+"<guiseq><gui style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui "
+"style=\"menuitem\">Indiciu</gui></guiseq>. O celulÄ va fi evidenÈiatÄ cu un "
+"contur roÈu intermitent. Acest lucru aratÄ cÄ starea actualÄ a acelei celule "
+"(pictatÄ sau nu) este incorectÄ Èi ar trebui sÄ fie schimbatÄ pentru ca "
+"jocul sÄ fie cÃÈtigat."
+#: C/license.page:8(desc)
+msgid "Legal information."
+msgstr "InformaÈii legale."
+#: C/license.page:11(title)
+msgid "License"
+msgstr "LicenÈÄ"
+#: C/license.page:12(p)
+msgid ""
+"This work is distributed under a CreativeCommons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 "
+"Unported license."
+msgstr ""
+"AceastÄ lucrare este distribuitÄ sub CreativeCommons Attribution-Share Alike "
+"3.0 Unported."
+#: C/license.page:20(p)
+msgid "You are free:"
+msgstr "SunteÈi liber sÄ:"
+#: C/license.page:25(em)
+msgid "To share"
+msgstr "SÄ ÃmpÄrtÄÈiÈi"
+#: C/license.page:26(p)
+msgid "To copy, distribute and transmit the work."
+msgstr "SÄ copiaÈi, distribuiÈi Èi transmiteÈi lucrarea."
+#: C/license.page:29(em)
+msgid "To remix"
+msgstr "SÄ modificaÈi"
+#: C/license.page:30(p)
+msgid "To adapt the work."
+msgstr "SÄ adaptaÈi lucrarea."
+#: C/license.page:33(p)
+msgid "Under the following conditions:"
+msgstr "Ãn conformitate cu condiÈiile urmÄtoare:"
+#: C/license.page:38(em)
+msgid "Attribution"
+msgstr "Atribuire"
+#: C/license.page:39(p)
+msgid ""
+"You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or "
+"licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use "
+"of the work)."
+msgstr ""
+"Trebuie sÄ atribuiÈi programul Ãn maniera specificatÄ de autor sau "
+"licenÈiator (dar nu Ãntr-un mod care sugereazÄ cÄ ei vÄ vizeazÄ pe "
+"dumneavoastrÄ sau utilizarea dumneavoastrÄ a programului)."
+#: C/license.page:46(em)
+msgid "Share Alike"
+msgstr "Ãn condiÈii identice"
+#: C/license.page:47(p)
+msgid ""
+"If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the "
+"resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license."
+msgstr ""
+"DacÄ modificaÈi, transformaÈi, sau construiÈi pe baza acestui program, "
+"puteÈi distribui lucrarea rezultatÄ numai sub aceeaÈi, similarÄ sau "
+"compatibilÄ licenÈÄ."
+#: C/license.page:53(p)
+msgid ""
+"For the full text of the license, see the <link href=\"http://";
+"creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode\">CreativeCommons website</"
+"link>, or read the full <link href=\"http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-";
+"sa/3.0/\">Commons Deed</link>."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru textul integral al licenÈei, consultaÈi <link "
+"href=\"http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode\";>saitul "
+"CreativeCommons</link>, sau citiÈi Ãntregul <link "
+"href=\"http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/\";>Commons Deed</link>."
+#: C/index.page:6(name)
+msgid "Philip Withnall"
+msgstr "Philip Withnall"
+#: C/index.page:7(email)
+msgid "philip tecnocode co uk"
+msgstr "philip tecnocode co uk"
+#: C/index.page:8(years)
+msgid "2008â2010"
+msgstr "2008â2010"
+#: C/index.page:11(p)
+msgid ""
+"This work is licensed under a <link href=\"http://creativecommons.org/";
+"licenses/by-sa/3.0/\">Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported "
+msgstr ""
+"AceastÄ lucrare este licenÈiatÄ sub <link "
+"href=\"http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/\";>Creative Commons "
+"Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License</link>."
+#: C/index.page:15(title)
+msgid "Hitori Help"
+msgstr "Ajutor Hitori"
+#: C/index.page:18(title)
+msgid "Basic Gameplay &amp; Usage"
+msgstr "Utilizarea Èi jocul rudimentar"
+#: C/index.page:22(title)
+msgid "Tips &amp; Tricks"
+msgstr "Sfaturi Èi trucuri"
+#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
+#. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
+#: C/game.page:21(None)
+msgid ""
+"@@image: 'figures/hitori_main_window.png'; "
+msgstr ""
+"@@image: 'figures/hitori_main_window.png'; "
+#: C/game.page:5(desc)
+msgid "Introduction to the game of Hitori."
+msgstr "Introducere Ãn jocul de Hitori."
+#: C/game.page:7(title)
+msgid "Hitori the Game"
+msgstr "Jocul Hitori"
+#: C/game.page:9(p)
+msgid ""
+"Hitori is a small logic puzzle in a similar vein to the more popular Sudoku. "
+"In the game, the player starts with a square board of numbers, and has to "
+"<em>paint out</em> cells until there are no duplicate numbers in each row "
+"and column. The following rules apply:"
+msgstr ""
+"Hitori este un mic puzzle logic similar popularului Sudoku. Ãn joc, "
+"jucÄtorul Ãncepe cu o tablÄ pÄtratÄ de numere Èi trebuie sÄ <em>picteze</em> "
+"celulele pÃnÄ nu existÄ mai multe numere identice Ãn fiecare rÃnd Èi "
+"coloanÄ. Se aplicÄ urmÄtoarele reguli:"
+#: C/game.page:12(p)
+msgid ""
+"There must only be one of each number in the unpainted cells in each row and "
+msgstr ""
+"Trebuie sÄ fie doar unul din fiecare numÄr Ãn celulele nepictate Ãn fiecare "
+"rÃnd Èi coloanÄ."
+#: C/game.page:13(p)
+msgid "No painted cell may be adjacent to another, vertically or horizontally."
+msgstr ""
+"Nici o celulÄ pictatÄ nu poate fi adiacentÄ cu alta, vertical sau orizontal."
+#: C/game.page:14(p)
+msgid ""
+"All the unpainted cells must be joined together vertically and horizontally "
+"in one group."
+msgstr ""
+"Toate celulele nepicate trebuiesc alÄturate ÃmpreunÄ vertical Èi orizontal "
+"Ãntr-un singur grup."
+#: C/game.page:16(p)
+msgid ""
+"These are the only three rules of the game, and so there may well be "
+"multiple solutions to a Hitori puzzle board."
+msgstr ""
+"Acestea sunt doar trei reguli de joc, Èi deci pot fi mai multe soluÈii "
+"pentru o masÄ de puzzle Hitori."
+#: C/game.page:19(title)
+msgid "Main game window"
+msgstr "Fereastra principalÄ de joc"
+#: C/game.page:20(desc)
+msgid "<app>Hitori</app> main window"
+msgstr "Fereastra principalÄ <app>Hitori</app>"
+#: C/game.page:22(p)
+msgid "<app>Hitori</app> main window."
+msgstr "Fereastra principalÄ <app>Hitori</app>."
+#: C/customization.page:5(desc)
+msgid "Changing how the game appears and plays."
+msgstr "Schimbarea modului de aparenÈÄ Èi de joacÄ."
+#: C/customization.page:7(title)
+msgid "Customizing the Game"
+msgstr "Personalizarea jocului"
+#: C/customization.page:9(p)
+msgid ""
+"The game can be customized by changing the board size â boards from 5â10 "
+"cells square are allowed."
+msgstr ""
+"Jocul poate fi personalizat prin schimbarea dimensiunii mesei - mese din "
+"5-10 celule pÄtrate sunt permise."
+#: C/customization.page:10(p)
+msgid ""
+"To change the board size, choose an option from <guiseq><gui style=\"menu"
+"\">Game</gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">Board Size</gui></guiseq>. <app>Hitori</"
+"app> will ask if you want to stop the current game if you're in the middle "
+"of one, then start a new game with the requested board size."
+msgstr ""
+"Pentru a modifica dimensiunea mesei alegeÈi o opÈiune din <guiseq><gui "
+"style=\"menu\">Joc</gui><gui style=\"menuitem\">MÄrime masÄ</gui></guiseq>. "
+"<app>Hitori</app> va Ãntreba dacÄ doriÈi sÄ opriÈi jocul actual, dacÄ vÄ "
+"aflaÈi Ãn mijlocul unuia, apoi va Ãncepe un joc nou cu dimensiunea mesei "
+#. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1, YEAR2
+#: C/index.page:0(None)
+msgid "translator-credits"
+msgstr "Iacobescu Cristian <cristy_hereg93 yahoo com> 2010, 2011"

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