[clutter] build: don't explicitly include and egl or gl headers

commit 672bc337ba9e5755df975ff6ee332259737e89c7
Author: Robert Bragg <robert linux intel com>
Date:   Mon Jul 18 16:39:43 2011 +0100

    build: don't explicitly include and egl or gl headers
    This avoids explicitly including gl or egl headers in
    clutter-egl-headers.h. We were getting build failures when building
    clutter against a libcogl that has runtime support for GL and GLES
    because cogl-defines.h was including gl.h and then clutter-egl-headers.h
    was later including GLES2/gl.h with typedef conflicts. Clutter relies on
    Cogl to abstract GL and GLES and the winsys APIs like EGL and GLX so
    Clutter should just rely on cogl.h to include the appropriate egl.h in
    Reviewed-by: Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi linux intel com>
    Reviewed-by: Neil Roberts <neil linux intel com>

 clutter/cogl/clutter-egl-headers.h |   22 +++-------------------
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)
diff --git a/clutter/cogl/clutter-egl-headers.h b/clutter/cogl/clutter-egl-headers.h
index 402ded2..15ec994 100644
--- a/clutter/cogl/clutter-egl-headers.h
+++ b/clutter/cogl/clutter-egl-headers.h
@@ -22,25 +22,9 @@
+/* Clutter relies on Cogl to abstract GLES1/2/OpenGL and GLX/EGL etc
+ * so we simply include the Cogl header to pull in the appropriate EGL
+ * header. */
 #include <cogl/cogl.h>
-#if defined(COGL_HAS_GLES1)
-#include <GLES/gl.h>
-#include <GLES/egl.h>
-#include <EGL/egl.h>
-#define NativeDisplayType EGLNativeDisplayType
-#define NativeWindowType EGLNativeWindowType
-#if defined(COGL_HAS_GLES2)
-#include <GLES2/gl2.h>
-#elif defined(COGL_HAS_GL)
-#include <GL/gl.h>
-#error Unknown Cogl backend
-#endif /* !COGL_HAS_GLES1 */
 #endif /* __CLUTTER_EGL_HEADERS_H__ */

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