[clutter/msvc-support] (14 commits) ...Merge branch 'master' into msvc-support

Summary of changes:

  439c7e6... Remove unneeded class closure (*)
  01cf705... Make sure the gesture is cancelled even if we miss the rele (*)
  ad234b3... paint-volume: don't round paint-volume from allocation (*)
  32487af... Adds a CLUTTER_NEARBYINT macro for float rounding (*)
  df751a8... actor: improve rounding in get_allocation_geometry (*)
  3183240... Provide stable paint-boxes for fixed sized actors (*)
  c6a0427... pick: Use Cogl API not GL API to disable dithering (*)
  075a4ed... x11: Improve XGenericEventCookie data allocation (*)
  5385593... actor: Plug a leak in an error path (*)
  2dc69dc... build: Escape AC_DEFINE arguments (*)
  bc1c3e0... x11/event: Avoid compiler warnings with HAVE_XGE undefined (*)
  ac859ba... [l10n] Updated German translation (*)
  f1f5d76... [l10n] Updated German translation (*)
  598134a... Merge branch 'master' into msvc-support

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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