[gtk+/quartz-integration] (10 commits) ...Merge branch 'master' into quartz-integration

Summary of changes:

  611104b... Updated Polish translation (*)
  a32be5d... Don't include unistd.h unconditionally (*)
  8b8070e... Update VS 2010 property sheet (*)
  e472469... [l10n] Updated German translation (*)
  afc6aa8... [l10n] Updated German translation (*)
  b53f602... Save selection to recent-files in the asynchronous Save cas (*)
  9a212b3... Add a getter for the accessible type of a widget class (*)
  5ab8120... Added VS projects for a11y and libgail-util (*)
  cbc593b... Dist the VS 2008 a11y/libgail-util projects (*)
  bb2e8a0... Merge branch 'master' into quartz-integration

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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